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The Universe Strikes Back

Let me explain to you how the Universe works.

You cannot have it all. I for instance, have lovely feet. Bum? Not so much. That’s how the Universe keeps you human.

This week is a very good example of the Universe playing with my emotions.

Monday was red and white and wonderful all over. My Boyfriend is better than your boyfriend, so I woke up to find my bike, Lady Marmaduke King George completely transformed with the exact thing I’ve been wanting for MONTHS! The perfect basket to cart little baby midgets and injured birds around in! He secretly ordered it from beatnikbazaar’s online store, and made her promise that if I made any enquiries about purchasing one of these little gems for myself, she would lie through her teeth and swear they were all sold out!

Need a ride? If you weigh less than 2 kg’s-hop in!

Tuesday comes after Monday and before 9am even hit, I was a winner!! Gareth Cliff was running a competition on his show that was sort of like a “Fashion Police”. You had to call in and tell a story about anyone you knew who had some item of clothing you thought was absolutely terrible.

I had a story I thought was worth telling, so I called in. Miracle above miracles!! I got through!! My story went as follows: “I had an ex who used to wear head-to-toe Ed Hardy. Cap, T-shirt, Underpants etc!” Gareth and team: “Ugh. That is bad.” Then there was another caller who told a story about his dad who dresses in greasy t-shirts and ugly shorts. Dude, that is not a story- it is suburban life. Obviously my story was better. Also, I think they really liked the part where I said that the ex looked like a R10 000 disco ball. I was awarded the prize of R5000 in Edgars vouchers!! YEEAA!!

THEN I was savagely attacked by a demonic cat.

THEN the always amazing Miss Lady Lee Ryder over at Lee Jeans spoilt me with some awesome Lee goodies for Valentine’s Day which included a pair of cheeky shorts, a hot little denim skirt, skinny jeans AND a boyfriend shirt!


Soon to be on/around my bum area

THEN, I found out that my wonderful manager Brendan from Apollo had  put in a good word for me at Scar Hair and Scar will be hooking me up with beautiful Mermaid locks, cuts and colours AND products to keep my hair shiny and brilliant at all times! WHOA!! How will I be able to manage all that sexiness?? Oh, of course… Brendan can do it.

Good Hair For Bad People

THEN I got booked for an eight day make-up job. My first major job since living in Cape Town. This lifted my spirits monumentally and I feel like probably the most successful person in the whole wide room right now.

THEN I broke the 1000 follower mark on Twitter.

THEN… I broke my toe. And significantly bruised my kneecap.

Now I get to start my job, which is taking place on location, and I’ve been told will be quite intense and full of running around- with a completely mangled foot.

Thanks Universe. For never letting me get ahead of myself.

Oh, and thanks again for the rad clothes, hair and job! I WIN!

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