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Valentine’s Shmalentine’s

We’re one week away from Valentine’s Day and even though I’m not highschool anymore I still find it kind of exciting.

Yes, it’s corny. Yes, you should show the person you love, how much you love theme every single day. Yes, it’s a commercial day and everything they sell in the shops is hideous… but I like it.

I like the idea of really taking time to find something special for someone. Wheteher it be the cute guy who lives in your building… the best friend you’ve had a crush on forever but cannot bring yourself to confess to… the love of your life you spend every single day with.

I like gifting and I like making people feel loved.

Shmalentine’s Day doesn’t have to be filled with ugly red roses, waxy chocolate and strawberry scented hearts. I’m a big fan of small, personal touches and non-corny originality.

I don’t care what any of you say- my boyfriend is getting a Shmalentine’s gift.

Here are some cute pictures of love that aren’t too gag-worthy.

Don’t be a cynic. Give a little this Shmalentine’s Day.

“All your heart” refers to a certain person for me. I’ll go wherever he does.

whoa! THAT’S love.

Love is ALL about make believe. Always stay young. Always believe in it like a kid.

True love is innocent.

I don’t think true love ever fades. I think it changes, but it never fades.

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