40 Days of Giving (a damn)

March 11, 2011   /   bynatalie  / Categories :  Uncategorized

Lent started on Wednesday and traditionally one gives something up for the 40 days leading up to Easter as a sacrifice and show of good faith. I was thinking about what I could possibly give up… Coffee? Tea? I don’t drink either (I know, I know). My BlackBerry? Not only too painful, but also impractical. There is really nothing that I am simultaneously completely addicted too, and able to live without.

Then Roxy Burger (of ktv, and now Survivor SA fame) told me about her Lent project: 40 Days of Zams. In stead of giving something up for 40 days… you just give for 40 days. 40 Days of making sandwiches for the hungry. And the hungry could be anyone! On the first day I gave mine to my Gautrain bus driver. Anyone at all who would appreciate a sandwich, made with love – which is, essentially: everyone.

My local Spar (My Spar, Hout Bay) has agreed to get on board, and for the next 37 days they are giving me a fresh loaf of bread every day! Which means I’ll be able to make 8 zaams for hungry people every day!

Hi Simon! Thanks for the bread!

Today I made a bunch of sarmies and took Lady Marmaduke out for a ride to deliver them to anyone who looked like the needed a zaam.

*WARNING: This sandwich may contain traces of nuts and smiles                    
Like my basket? Get your own here: beatnikbazaar
Zaam! Get inside his body!

Get involved on Twitter: #40daysofzaams


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