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Say Goodbey To Your Childhood

Remember waking up early on a Saturday morning, grabbing a ginormous bowl of cerial, a blanket, and settling onto the couch for a morning of cartoons? Remember the branded sunglasses, the CD’s, the Market Day’s? Remember the Jenna’s, the Candice’s (now Cahndeece), the Josh’s?

I’m talking about your childhood here! Your memories of being able to run around with reckless abandon (as long as it was within your parent’s periff) and eat as many carbs as you could fit into your body. Of getting excited about things like Red Nose Day, Reggie’s Rush, and Dunk. I’m talking about the Power Edition.

I am referring, friend, to KTV.

I grew up watching KTV. And unless you are positively geriatric, so did you.

In fact, I actually grew up ON KTV… Between the ages of 15 and 21 I spent a lot of my weekends and afternoons at Mnet, in the KTV studios with people such as Roxy Burger, Retti Ramaphekela, Darren Stuwig and Lureshan Naidoo…

KTV afforded me interviews with International Bands like Simple Plan, Evanessence and Fall Out Boy…before I was even 18! Trips around South Africa: bungee jumping off Bloukrans, Shark Cage Diving, Elephant Riding…and a nice little paycheck from the time I could go to a PG16 movie.

But all good things must fly out the window, as they say. And this weekend, KTV is going live for the last time. Ever.

Tune in at 8am to say goodbye to your youth. Goodbey to cartoons drawn by Americans.  Goodbye to South African kids making TV. And hello to a future of cartoons drawn by Japanese people and technology. Hello to cartoons that involve real human Billy-Rae Cyrus spawn. Hello to old age.

Goodbye KTV. You’ll be missed. Thanks for The Rainbow Song.

KTV is trending on Twidder: #KTVforeveryoung
What are your best KTV memories?

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