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TAILSOFAMERMAID goes viral. (Not quite)

Here at Tailsofamermaid, we (I) work really hard (not really) at getting our faces (mine) into the media (not). We tastefully bombard all the “right people” in order to get our names (Natalie Roos) on the lips of the masses (in the back of their minds).

Look what we have achieved:

This week our MD (only contributor) Natalie Roos will be available for your viewing pleasure on three different TV shows across four channels! She is really quite tired.

Tonight, choose between MK (DSTV channel 324) or KykNet (also on DSTV…on…um…check your TV guide) at 19:30 to see Natalie (me) on JIP. A celeb gossip show that features celeb gossip. 

On Thursday night Natalie (I) will be filling in for Elma Smit on Studio 1 on MK as Elma tries to survive a monsoon! Watch the show Live! at 19:30. Haezer and A King will be our studio guests, and between us, things could get quite sexy.

On Saturday morning, wake up bright and early to pay tribute to your childhood. KTV goes Live! at 8am for the very last time and all of your favourite KTV Presenters from yesteryear (well, most) will be gathered together to sing that theme song one last time.

Also, check this out:

Look at that. Look!      

Thanks to @DieOranje_Skaap for Tweeting me the link. Also, check out how sexy @BouwerBosch looks?

So, basically… don’t leave your TV for the next 4 days. OK?

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