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GHD South Africa = Brand Win!

              Me. Without a GHD.

On the way to the airport for a week in Joburg, I got a sick, empty feeling right in the pit of my stomach. You know the one… your entire tummy feels ice cold and like it just dropped in turbulence.

Winding along the coastal road toward the airport, eyes a-blazing, screaming “nooooooooo!!!” in epic melodramatic fashion I fervently sent out a Tweet to the Universe “Nooooo! Forgot my GHD! A WEEK in Joburg without one?! @ghdsouthafrica I need a loaner in JHB please! E. MER. GEN. CY“. Before the plane had even taken off I had a reply: “How about I send a styler up to Joburg with @bangersandnash for you to use for the week?

HA! How’s that for a brand win?? Every girl (and some boys) knows that you cannot possibly survive a week without your trusty GHD. I’ve had mine for 6 years and it has never, ever given me a day of grief.

I always say: “People who claim that GHD is not the best styler on the market, obviously don’t have GHD’s”.

Thanks GHD South Africa for being such winners!

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