Aaaaaaand The Winner Is…

May 10, 2011   /   bynatalie  / Categories :  Uncategorized

The time has finally come! The winner for my NoMu Poster Competition has been chosen!

The #WINNER gets to enjoy aaaaallllll of THIS:

Natalie and Cheetah not included*

When it came to choosing the #winning entry, I suffered three mild panic attacks and one major bout of sleepless nights syndrome. The decision had become to much pressure for one human. So, here’s what I did.

I chose my top entries. Every single one. Even if they came from the same person. And here they are:

I LOVED this guy!! He sent in no less than SIX entries! Well done to his girlfriend, who managed to get him dressed up, and posing!

This was my favourite “If you don’t live in Cape Town” entry. Once again, boys doing whatever girls tell them to.

WHOA DENISE!! What a hot piece of minx woman! The bravery it must have taken to go into Engen dressed like that!

 Unfortunately, there can only be one #winner. So I wrote down the name of every entry I liked, one fore each photo (6 entires for Sarietha, 2 for Betina, 1 for Melissa) and put them  in a beanie. Nash was officiating and he drew the name of the winner…and here it is:
Congratulations Melissa! I hope you are mentally prepared for the awesomeness that is about to become your life!
Thanks to everyone who entered and especially NoMu for hosting the competition! But the HUGEST “Thank You” goes to all the sponsors. I am a huge fan of every single brand that collaborated, so it was a real treat to have you all on board!


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