ABC Bootcamp is kicking my but into shape

May 5, 2011   /   bynatalie  / Categories :  Uncategorized

It’s not that I don’t enjoy working out. Ok, it is. I don’t enjoy working out. I know I have to work out, you know, for the purposes of better health and all-round body proportions, but I’ve always got to try convince myself that its actually somewhat enjoyable. That it’s not really painful and rather gross with all the sweating and the chest pain and the thirst!

And don’t even try getting me to work out by myself. If I’m not with a friend…although I’ll settle for a stranger (obviously not a very fit one-I don’t need the added pressure of a training partner with abs of steel and the heart rate of someone in a sugar coma) or a Personal Trainer, I might as well not even step into my training shoes.

Sadly, I can’t afford a Personal Trainer-or to pay an unfit friend/stranger to work out with me- so I generally just end up not working out. Or going for a run with the good intentions of running to somewhere far, like Camps Bay… and ending up back on the couch after one lap around the block with a toasted cheese “as a reward”.

That’s why I feel like I’ve found my perfect solution. An amazing programme that combines the two things that are vital for improved working out: Company… and a Trainer!

Adventure Bootcamp For Women is all about working out outside of a stuffy gym, out in the open air with other people AND a trainer!

Yesterday was my first day and I’ll admit, I miiight have had one or two mild strokes and an aneurysm BUT I’ll also admit to surviving….aaaaand I might even admit to feeling pretty great once it was over. All vitalised and endorphinish.

It felt incredible to be outdoors, getting my quads and gluts and many other muscles working… and knowing that in four short weeks, I could possibly be smoking hot.

Bootcamp runs for four weeks, three times a week. One girl in my class has done 36 courses, so I’m guessing its pretty addictive.  Even I’m looking forward to Friday’s class. And did I mention that it’s girls only? No boys ever have to see you sweating, with you “feet hip distance apart” as you clench your bum cheeks real tight like.

Watch this space. I could be pretty sexy soon.


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