This one time… Tony Hawk ReTweeted me.

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You know when it’s just an average Saturday…filled with grocery shopping for a 5-day festival in the Karoo and lunch in China Town…and then suddenly- BAM!- you read a Tweet by Tony Hawk that changes the path of your entire life?

Ya, me too.

Last Saturday Nash, Mellon and I went to Makro to shop for Afrikburn. But that is a story for another day. Right now, I’m here to tell you about my new friend, Tony Hawk.

You may have heard of him before? Pro Skater Video game character? 2 374 981 followers on Twitter?

I’ve always been a fan of his, and I follow him on Twitter. On Saturday my timeline was filled with Tweets like: “@tonyhawk: Louisville, Ky. The Pub Louisville on Fourth Street Live. Ask for Tish to get your wish. Tell her Tony sent you. #THTH”

Then there was this: “@tonyhawk: Cape Town, South Africa- Beyond the station near Het Posthuys 2 cannons guard surfers corner the treasure is aiming at a record wave #THTH”

After a little bit of research I found out that Tony Hawk was: hosting a Treasure Hunt on Twitter! Across the world, treasures ranging from Tony Hawk signed decks to clothing to Tony Hawk games and even a bmx were being hidden all over the world and Tweets were being sent out with clues to their whereabouts. The cities included most of the major cities in the US, 2 major cities in the UK, 3 in Australia and our very own, Cape Town, South Africa.

Excitement was building inside my body, and when I read Nash the clue, the first place he thought of was Dungeons, in Hout Bay. We LIVE in Hout Bay! There was no way we weren’t looking for that treasure. The game was ON!  But after a few more minutes of thinking about it, Nash decided that the treasure was more likely in Muizenberg.

“Beyond the station near Het Posthuys 2 cannons guard surfers corner the treasure is aiming at a record wave”

I asked the trusty Google Machine where Het Posthuys was, and it confirmed Nash’s detective instincts.

Surfers corner. Posthuys. Muizenberg Station. Muizenberg Cannons. And a World Record for Most People Riding A Wave Simultaneously. (Thank you Google)

We were on our way to Muizenberg.

We raced through Constantia Neck and skid into the parking lot at Surfers Corner with our eyes peeled for treasure, as well as other treasure hunters.

I was following the trend (#THTH) on Twitter, trying to make sure that no one had  beaten us there while we ran around the train tracks and beach looking for cannons. Finally (I say finally for effect, it had probably only been about 6 minutes) we spotted the cannons at the Muizberg station. Trying not to look too excited about ll of this, we speed walked (as opposed to ran) over to the cannons to claim our prize. All the clues led to this point.

But alas, no treasure. Some clues on Twitter were telling us that we might be looking for a person, a big box or a small envelope. But we found none of these.

We asked around at the local surf shops. We looked inside, around and under the cannons. We almost gave up.

Then, we spotted Posthuys. And the two cannons right outside! Glory BE! Joy and victory washed over my face as I ran up the stairs…once again, to claim my prize. But ALAS! Once again, no prize.

It was time for a little recon. We got in the drove and drove around to all the spots again. We found nothing. We decided it must have been found. Possibly by someone who didn’t know how to Tweet. Possibly by a bergie.

In a last-ditch attempt, we went round to Posthuys one last time. I got out and made my way up the stairs. Behind one cannon: Nothing. Behind the next cannon: Nothing. But wait! What’s that? A black box?

I picked it up. I shouted “WHOOO!!” as I read the winning phrase on the box: “#THTH”. Fat white letters emblazoned across the matte black surface.

The rest is a blur of high fives and a Twitpic to Tony Hawk.

Our new friend Tony (as his friends call him) Re Tweeded our picture, (HE RE TWEETED OUR PICTURE!!) and so far its had 21 000 views!

21 000 views…and counting

 Because of all the long weekends our prize is caught up at post office, but I’ll tell you what we won as soon as we lay our pretty little hands (mine, not Nash’s) on it.

We may have to take up skating.


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