Giuliana Rancic’s Diet Makes My Stomach Cry

07.06.2011   /   bynatalie

@HelenRaine told me about the E! News Presenter’s ridiculous diet over a bottle of red wine and a plate of pork chops and mash a couple of weeks ago (delicious, by the way). After reading it on her blog, I am completely disgusted. How she is even still alive completely blows my mind. With all the pressure girls face in the “I want to be skinny” department, I’m really sad that this kind of bullshit advice is freely available on the Internets, dished out by so-called “role models.”

E! News Presenter Giuliana Rancic

Giuliana’s  (ridiculous) Diet:
4:35am: “Yerba Mate” tea
(that counts as her “pre-workout energy booster”)

6:30am: Water with cayenne pepper and lemon
             Followed by green tea
             Followed by a bottle of “GT’s Kombucha“- “it totally helps with hunger cravings”- Giuliana
(post-workout snack)

Now, any personal trainer will tell you that before working out, your body needs some carbs to burn. Even if its just a couple of spoons of Oats. It gives your body something to kick start its “fat burning mode”. After working out, your body needs some protein to keep it going, helping your muscles to build, instead of being burnt up by all that exercise. Even if it is a low-carb protein drink. Your body needs it.

7:15am: ORGANIC Grapefruit
             Followed by an egg white omlet, no cheese, green veg only
             “And i ALWAYS say NO BUTTER, NO OIL…instead tell them to cook it in a light mist of
              Pam cooking spray. Tell them your allergic to butter so that they don’t slip it in there like 
              a lot of places do. If they don’t have Pam spray, then tell them to use just a DROP or two
             of Oil!!!” -Giuliana

“WHAT THE… Is that BUTTER?!”

(Is this the behaviour of a female with normal healthy eating habits???? Imagine being at her table when the orders are taken. Even worse! When the food arrives…)

Mid-morning snack: Cereal bar “No high fructose corn syrup (the devil) in these puppies!!!… I always have a healthy snack around. Keeps you from running to the vending machine (which you should avoid like the plague, by the way.)” -Giuliana
Lunch: A chicken breast/Salmon with steamed broccoli
Afternoon snack: Apple/Grapefruit/Cereal Bar (no sugar)
                          Fresh veggie juice
Dinner: Sushi with brown rice (SIFF!!) NO mayo/Grilled Fish “I don’t use any sauces at all” – Guiliana


So, basically, she eats everything as bland as she possibly can.

Here’s where shit gets whack though:

Kombucha Drink
“…it totally helps with appetite control. No joke!!! This is great for me since sometimes I eat totally out of boredom (which I’m sure a lot of you can relate to) so instead, i sip this and then I’m not “fake” hungry anymore because it totally hits the spot. I’m obsessed with it!!!”

WOMAN! You aren’t “fake” hungry! You are absolutely starving! That feeling of “hunger” is your body calling out to you: “Nourish meeee!! I am wasting awaaayyyy….”

Veggie Juice
” This is a terrific snack to have between meals and rather filling too. You will not get fat on raw and steamed veggies!”
No. You also won’t get enough nourishment.

“I’ve quit coffee (yes, coffee is bad for you) and I stopped putting all artificial sweeteners into my body. My taste buds have totally changed and now I don’t need sweeteners at all on my food.”
Mmmm…you just keep telling your taste buds that, honey.

“No really, my taste buds are
literally repulsed right now”

Giuliana’s “Cheat Food” Tips:

“… if i just MUST have pasta, I will let my husband order it and have some bites of his. Or I will order a healthy dish and ask for a half order of the pasta (no cream, ever!) on the side. I will eat half of the side of pasta and pass the rest around the table so my friends can try it to. That way you are impressing the table with your generosity and cutting lots of calories:)”

“So…I’ll let you order the pasta. Then you say ‘How about
a bite G?’ then I laugh and say ‘Ok, but just one. I want
all our friends to get a bite too’… OK?”

So, she orders half a portion of pasta, then eats half of that, then makes her friends eat it so she can get it out of sight. That way she is showing the entire table what psycho food tendencies she has and creating lots of food demons in her mind.

“Fit a baby in where?! You make
me laugh!! Hahaha”

Apparently Giuliana was struggling to fall pregnant. (This private piece of information was shared with the world on her reality show with husband, Bill) I’m not surprised! Can you imagine a human foetus trying to grow braincells and bones and body parts in an arid, foodless environment like her uterus?? The poor little sperm cells probably commit suicide before fertilisation could happen.

I am all for healthy living and healthy eating, but behaviour like this is not normal at all. Men, would you date a woman who treats food like this? I don’t think I’d want to get involved with this minefield of body issues.


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