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Nash Turns 27: A Night Of The Finger And Confused Faces

Chocolate Amarula Cheesecake from Mila The Cake Shop

Nash’s Birthday Celebrations kicked off on Tuesday night with a phenomenal 6 course tasting menu and wine pairing at La Mouette. They have the most incredible Winter Special running at the moment, so if you know what’s good for you, you’ll check out their website. The tasting menu changes every month, so I think we might have just started a new monthly tradition.

Wednesday, the actual Birthday, started off innocently enough. A few beers and various friends popping in to &Union for drinks and well wishes. Things started to spiral out of control at a rapid pace for Nash soon after that, and by the time we left &Union for dinner at El Burro, he had already fallen over. Poor boy.

El Burro not only makes the best chilli poppers in Cape Town (don’t even try and argue) but they are also incredible hosts. They allowed me to bring ballons and a cake and even allowed Nash to stand on their table and make a (very loud) speech.

The evening in pictures:

Nash, Beatnik, Blitzmatt @&Union

Dalezorz, Oolex @&Union “Does this face confue you? Good.”

El Burro

Mellon, Nash, Carl “What is this? A birthday? That’s confusing”

Stormin, Nash “Birthday’s are so confusing”

And It Begins

Sugar Skull made by El Burro

Incredible White Chocolate Sugar Skull Made By El Burro

One of 4 little “rest” times for Nash

Birthday Face

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“Just standing on a table, making a speech, flipping the bird, and swearing at people. On my birthday. You?”

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