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Instagram Diaries 11-15 June

This week I said goodbye to the world of BlackBerry and hello to the life of Instagram and iPhone. So basically, I’m a professional photographer now. Here is a visual diary of my first week of Instagramming. I’m hoping to improve my skillz over the next couple of weeks so I can start selling prints of my work. LOL.

RIP BlackBerry
Notes from Cathy Marston’s Unwined Course
16,5cm’s of heels from Lulla Belle Boutique
Lucky draw to determine the winner of the Lulla Belle competition
Congratulations Vicky!



New Shoes


Harbour view from my apartment

Woodstock Sunset

Boyfriend Jeans from Lee

Most amazing Hot Sauce EVER!

Awesome winter special at Sgt Pepper on Long
2 for 1 pizzas every Tuesday

Office desk. Two girls sit in this office.  Just two.

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