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Things To Do While Your Boyfriend Is Away

At 04:30 yesterday morning, Nash left for 3 weeks on the Put Foot Rally. They’ll be travelling through Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Mozambique raising money to put shoes on the feet of kids and to help the Rhino cause. You can follow it all on Twitter: @bangersandnash and @putfootrally. And if you feel inclined, you can donate here.

But while he’s away, I thought I’d spend the time doing stuff only girls with boyfriends who are out of town can do. It’s not the same as being a single girl, cause single girls know there’s always the possibility of a fling with a handsome stranger to throw their routine out of whack. Girls with boyfriends who are out of town are a different breed completely. They are spoken for, but on the loose.

Things To Do While Your Boyfriend Is Away

1. Wear Red Lipstick

Nash has a love/hate relationship with red lipstick. He loves the way it looks. But hates the way we can’t be making out like hormone-riddled teenagers at the bar. There’s nothing like getting home at 2am and noticing in the stark light of the kitchen that both your faces have been covered in kissing marks all night long.

2. Take A Break From Shaving

Why? Because it’s winter and the extra hair will keep your legs warm. And it’s liberating. Even if you are only liberated for three weeks.

3. Watch Girly Movies – Every Night!

I’m talking The Notebook, She’s All That, The Glee Movie…revel in your right to the remote.

4. Plan A Girls Night In

This is the perfect opportunity to host a real girly night in. But I mean, dressing gowns, face masks, painting-each-others-toenails girly. The soundtrack is Taylor Swift. Obvs.

5. Wear Your Highest Heels

When I’m in my ridiculously high-high heels, I’m about a head and a half taller than him. This doesn’t bother either of us at all, but it seems to serve as great amusement for his guy friends. While he’s away I am wearing high heel after high heel.

6. Wee With The Door Open

At all times. Leave the seat down. Yeah!

7. Eat Really Healthy

When he gets back you’ll be a couple of kilo’s trimmer, your skin will be looking great and you’ll be feeling super confident. I’ll be starting tomorrow- again.

8. Re-connect With Your Friends And Family

Stay over at your Gran’s house one night. See your friends for extended drinks. When Nash is home I want to spend most of my free time hanging out with him. This is a great excuse to spend Friday’s having after-work drinks with the girls that stretch into late dinners and even later nights.

9. Take Hundreds Of Pictures Of Your Cat And Don’t Feel Guilty

Maybe this is just relevant to me.

10. Try Not To Miss Him Too Much

When I miss Nash too much, I get fighty. It’s not his fault. He is just being his same old awesome self. But suddenly, I’m all “Why is the signal so stupid where you are?! Don’t even phone me. I HATE EVERYTHING!”
I’m going to try to work on this while he’s away this time.

What do you do when your boyfriend is away?

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