Virgin Active Wellness Wednesday: Vibration Training

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With just two weeks (!!!) to go before we are officially in spring, I am amping up my “get ready for summer” routine from pretty much nothing, to pretty hard core and I’m looking for all kinds of new and fun ways to get fit.

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There’s a new exercise trend at the moment called vibration training which I am pretty keen to try out. It makes use of something called the Flexi-Bar. This is what I know about it so far:

Flexi-Bar is the revolutionary 3D and multifunctional training device that encourages rapid weight loss. By shaking and swinging the bar, your body is forced to work from your core outwards. By using the Flexi-Bar, you are activating both involuntary and voluntary muscles; improving blood circulation and oxygenation; accelerating your weight-loss; strengthening your bone tissue; increasing your core strength; improving your posture; and encouraging rapid body fat reduction.

The innovative vibration device recruits 100% of muscle fibres in contrast to regular training which utilises only up to 60%. This is as a result of the stretch and reflex reactions that are happening within the muscles. Also, the recovery time is minimised and the possibility of getting an upper body injury is almost eliminated.

I’m going to be training once a week with a Flexi-Bar trainer at Virgin Active, incorporating swimming and pilates into my three times per week training.
More info on how the Flexi-Bar works:

The Flexi-Bar reacts exclusively to your own strength impulses and returns these through the bar. The swinging demands high standards from your motoric control to specifically tense and then relax working muscles. The better the swing is mastered, the better the exercise’s success, which will be reached with consistent effort after a short period.

The increased level of vibration activation, combined with an increased number of muscles being recruited, has an even greater effect on your body’s ability to burn calories.

So, to summarize:
– It uses 100% of your muscles
– It works your core
– It assists with rapid weight loss
– It gives you big results with smaller efforts
I haven’t tried it yet, but I’ll be sure to let you know how things go once I’ve started. By November I’m hoping to have this body right here:
(This is unrealistic as my boobs are literally half her size, but the rest I am aiming for)
For more info on Flexi-Sports training, check out their website. Sign up for Virgin Active here.


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