Summer Transformation Competition Winner

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I had so many amazing entries for my Summer Transformation competition that choosing the winner was almost as tiring as running a 10km race. Not that I’d know, of course. I got stories from tired students, over-worked moms, under-appreciated girlfriends and everyone in between. As I said before, some of the entries were touching, others were inspirational and some were even funny. All were moving.

I really feel so connected to all the women who shared their stories with me- I guess speaking to a stranger about your body insecurities is a pretty intimate thing. So thank you to everyone who entered. I’m not just saying this- I really do wish that I could give every single one of you a Summer Transformation of your own.

I spent a lot of time reading and re-reading all the entries, but in the end, I knew there was one clear winner. Congratulations Sophia, your story inspired me so much. I really believe that you have got the right idea about being happy and healthy. I love that you managed to change your whole life and find so much happiness in making good decisions for yourself. You are a bit of a hero of mine, I’ll be honest.

Sophia kindly gave me permission to share her moving and inspiring story (although she did admit to being a nervous about it-this is the first time she’s ever shared it!). I really think that anyone who reads it will understand why I though that Sophia deserved her very own Summer Transformation.

Hi, let me start with my journey, 2 years ago. Weighing in at a whopping 105kg. Not knowing I was a 105kg, as I refused to step on a scale (didn’t even own one). Being in a bad relationship. Not having the guts to break away. I was comfortable. I’ve always been the fat friend- so I’ve never felt skinny. Had no idea how it felt. 

My weight started escalating to 105kg since I can remember, ‘No worries, there’s always a bigger size jeans available’ I kept on telling myself. Boys didn’t look at me as I had a boyfriend-why bother then. Then on my birthday 2 years ago, 3 April 2011, I realized how unhappy I really am. I made a choice and dumped the boyfriend- quite the shock to the system as I’ve never dumped a guy, I’ve always been the dumped girl. Having some time on my hands with no boyfriend, I joined the gym (first time ever). The gym took my measurements that evening, and I still remember crying my eyes out on the way home. “105,9kg & 44% body fat! What!!! (insert multiple swear words here) I’m a girl, weighing how much???”

I started slow, but absolutely loved it. I was in so much pain from stiff muscles. “What is this thing you call a muscle?” Slowly I started changing my eating habits, as you notice that you need energy and vitamins to train hard and not want to vomit your lungs out. Small changes at a time, no strict diets. Just lifestyle changes. The weight just slowly started falling of, and kept on going as I kept on going. 

When you started your summer transformation, I realized; here it is. Go for the last 10kg’s. I joined a Crossfit group, and entered myself into a 10k run. I had no choice but to prepare myself.

Today I’m very proud to say that today I’m weighing in at a lovely 66,3kg (I’m quite the tall girl, 1,76m). Almost 40kgs down. Finished a 10k run in 1:06. More than halved my body fat percentage. I started throwing jeans out, not because they were too small, but because they were too big. 

Everyday I make a promise to myself that I will never ever let myself get close to where I was. Someone actually called me skinny now, a completely weird word to be associated with me! Now just working on the confidence to know that I’m not the ‘fat one’ anymore.

I did it by myself, I did it for myself, I could not be happier. And having a lovely boyfriend now, who supports me, and is doing a 10k run with me on Saturday for the very first time, is too good to be true.

I can only thank you for reading through my very shortened version of how I turned my life upside down, only for the better. And that you will understand why I need my very own transformation with the products that supported your transformation. Hopefully one day this summer I will feel comfortable in a bikini, like you.

Have a lovely evening.
(A lot skinnier) Sophia


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