Virgin Active Wellness Wednesday: Crunch Time

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With just eight more working days (!!!) before we hit the beaches of Thailand, it’s beach-prep crunch time. I’m really trying hard to stick to a fat busting eating plan, just for the next eight days. Especially because I plan on eating my way through Bangkok for two days as soon as we land.

I’m eating according to a plan that was given to me by a friend’s dietician. It is a bit intense, I’ll admit, but it’s only for eight days. Plus, I have a small cheat every day. And I eat normally on weekends.

This eating plan is designed to help kick start your metabolism and lose water retention and centimetres around your tummy, thighs and bum. You won’t go hungry on this diet- there is a LOT of food. It’s more just about surviving the cravings; I crave sugar. And carbs. Yes, every day. But if you’re serious and you’ve been working really hard and now you just need to lose that last bit of water and a bit of fat over the next couple of days, this diet won’t let you down.


Eliminate all tea, coffee, alcohol, junk food, sweets and eating out. In fact, you will only eat off the food plan below for 7 days, so get your head around that. Make sure you prepare your food at the start of each day or the night before to make things easier, and to seal this deal, sign this pact with a friend.
(The eating out bit is the hardest part for me- so I still eat out. I’m avoiding alcohol and carbs so I’ll order a protein with salad. The tea and coffee bit is important because the caffeine messes with your metabolism. This eating plan is designed to keep your metabolism burning fat all day and to get your stomach used to eating small portions again)

7 am: 2 fruits and one fat free yoghurt (I blend these with ice into a smoothie)

10 am: a salad of lettuce/tomatoes/cucumber/pepperdews etc and two cooked egg whites (I use a lot of green veg like tender stem broccoli, fine beans, courgettes and asparagus with some green leaves for my salad and whit balsamic vinegar for flavour)

1 pm: 3T cooked quinoa, flavoured to your taste (curry/pepper etc) and 1 cup of assorted green and white veggies (I don’t use any spices for my quinoa cause I actually really like it just the way it is)

4 pm: stuff 2 egg whites or half a gem squash with 1T legumes (chickpeas/lentils), combined with tasty onion and tomato mix

7 pm: use 60g of tofu or 3T cooked quinoa with tasty vegetable stir fry/salad

In a nutshell: Your fridge should have two portions of cooked quinoa, tasty legumes (chickpeas/lentils) and four cooked egg whites prepared and ready to add to a low dense carb everyday.

Spend at least 30 minutes a day working out to help with skin tone and texture.

(I also make a tasty salsa with finely chopped red onion, tomato, cucumber, chickpeas and a bit of avo when I can’t take any more green salad.)
PLEASE bear in mind that this is not a lifestyle. It’s a kick-start eating plan to get you beach/wedding/red carpet ready. After 7 or 8 days, your stomach will be used to small portions and you can start re-introducing other healthy foods into your diet.
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