My First Cat Video. Prepare To Be Dominated, Internet.

January 9, 2013   /   bynatalie  / Categories :  Uncategorized

When we had BABYCAT spayed at the end of last year, she was seriously sulky. I don’t think she was particularly upset about having half her womanparts removed… she doesn’t really seem like the mommycat type. It was the cone of shame that was getting her down.

If she wasn’t firing dirty looks in my direction, she was rolling around, trying to wiggle her head out of the cone. And if she wasn’t doing either of those things, she was trying to lick her wounds. Which, if it wasn’t so hilariously funny to watch, would have been…well, it would still have been hilariously funny to watch.

I uploaded the video to YouTube because it is just too flipping sweet. So, we’re pretty much taking over the internet now. Hold on to your fame, Maru.


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