Rise Against Says “Hello South Africa!”

February 18, 2013   /   bynatalie  / Categories :  Uncategorized

Rise Against has been my favourite band since I was a teenager. And I don’t mean “one of my favourite bands”. I mean MY FAVOURITE BAND. My love for their music started with the obvious “Swing Life Away” and “Everchanging” and grew to blanket their entire discography. I’ve got all their albums and their tour DVD, which I have watched about 15 times. I’ve even got a Rise Against t-shirt, which a friend of mine ordered online and paid handsome income tax on.

In my younger days, before things like braincells and responsibility I used to say things like “I would definitely sell my car to see Rise Against”. Thanks to RAMfest one of my bucket list items is being ticket off and I can hang onto my car.
Rise Against is going to be at RAMfest in Cape Town on the 9th of March, Durban on the 15th of March and Joburg on the 16th. I’ll be right at the front of the crowd at the Cape Town show, ugly crying in my 5 year old fangirl t-shirt. I pretty much teared up when I watched this video this morning.

Along with Rise Against, RAMfest is also hosting international acts Bring Me The Horizon and Pendulum. Local acts include Jack Parow, Van Coke Kartel, Goodnight Wembley, The Black Cat Bones, Beast, Fuzigish,Woodstock Mafia and Dead Alphabet. Facing the Gallows, Haggis and Bong, Juggernaut, All Will Fall, Four A Penny, Marching Dead, Pestroy and Chromium. Niskerone, Sideshow, Veranda Panda, Hyphen, Das Kapital, Sibot, P.H.FAT and Tommy Gun. The Ratrod Cats, The Man Motels, Love Glory Pyrotechnics, Crimson House Blues, Holiday Murray, Andy Lund, Gerald Clark, Sons of Settlers, Tailor and Black Handed Kites.

I’ve got a couple of tickets to give away in the next couple of weeks to both the Cape Town and the Joburg shows, so keep this blog open in a tab and keep refreshing if you want to win them. In the meantime, here are some Rise Against videos for you to enjoy.


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