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Centrum Guardians

I used to have this album in the CD player in my car and one song had a siren in the background. Every time I heard it my heart turn to ice and my eyes would shoot up to my rear-view mirror. Was I being chased? Was it an ambulance that needed to pass? Was something on fire? I hated that song. How often have you absent-mindedly moved your car to the outside lane at the sound of a siren? These days, when I hear a siren I immediately think of my family. I send little positive thoughts their way.

Sometimes, I take a moment to think about the men and women inside that emergency vehicle. Because fortunately, there are everyday heroes out there who are willing to risk themselves for others. Individuals who answer a calling in more ways than one deserve all the praise and recognition we can give. Honouring these altruistic individuals birthed the Centrum Guardians campaign.

Centrum stepped up to provide a platform where the South African emergency service industry can celebrate individuals who display an outstanding commitment to saving lives. Our rescue and emergency services are really committed to living up to the core belief that every life is worth saving. I am sure I am not the only one who has wondered if their duties look anything like what we see on TV and in the movies. Unsurprisingly, the truth is far less glamorous. What TV can never translate for instance is how emergency services personnel have to put on a 36kg suit in less than a minute. I don’t know about you but there isn’t much I can do in a minute, much less put on such heavy equipment!

A Centrum Guardian is someone who puts the needs of others ahead of their own, who is totally and wholeheartedly devoted to saving every life. You can get involved by voting for your favourite Centrum Guardian here. And while you’re there, do yourself a favour and watch their incredible stories too. The documentary-style videos take you inside the world of emergency services in a no holds barred, unapologetic way.

Centrum Guardians has provided up to seven years of training for the various finalists over the years.  It’s a fact of life that not everyone can be saved in every instance, but they all still go out of their way to do everything they can. For that we are so very blessed and lucky.

*This post was sponsored by Centrum. It will help to cover the ever-increasing costs of running this blog.

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