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Livingroom Makeover with MRP Home

When Keenan and I first bought our little apartment in Woodstock, we were like “this place is tiny we are never going to be able to fit anything in here”. It’s only 65 square meters and it’s a studio, so it seemed like it was going to be a big challenge to create a space where two people could live and 50% of those people could work, too.

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But the longer we live in the space, the more clever little tricks we’ve learned to make it a home. We’ve had loads of fun looking for affordable ways to separate the studio into a bedroom, living room and small office space for me. We’ve found that rugs, a neutral color palette with bright pops here and there and slim furniture can turn an open room into a comfy home. Before choosing our rug, we had to make sure that it was able to complement the rest of the room. Our friends told us to have a look at a company similar to Top Teppiche, to see if we could find any rugs that suited our style tastes. It was a great recommendation for us, but in the end, we decided to look somewhere that was a bit closer to home. It’s good to know that there are different options for us to consider though. I hate to say it, but it did take us a long time to find out what worked and what didn’t. We wanted to make our house a home so it was important that we found the best pieces. With concerns to the lighting, we went with ceiling lights as you can see in the photos, but we actually decided to check out the floor lamps from here first to see if we preferred this option better. They had some lovely products but we wanted to have as much floor space as possible so, in the end, we went with lights on the ceiling instead. We are also looking into adding to the art we already have in the place, we wanted one of our pictures done professionally, we heard about Bumblejax acrylic wall art and it looks like something we’d both like to go for.

We recently ordered a few new items from Mr Price Home to upgrade our living room and even create a separate dining space. Their range of Scandi-style Stockholm furniture was exactly what we were looking for and I am so happy with the overall look of our home. It’s a place that I love spending time in.

Livingroom Makeover from Natalie Roos on Vimeo.

Check out my Pinterest board for links to all the items we loved and ordered. I am a huge fan of online shopping and ordering online was a breeze. A few people asked me about the quality of the furniture and I have to say that I am 100% happy with everything we ordered.

The dining room table and coffee table are heavy and sturdy and the chairs are actually from the outdoor furniture section, so they are very durable. If you’re doing this on a budget, Eames replica chairs could be a good option!

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natalie roos home makeover

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