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#RuilMyStyl Debuts TONIGHT

For the past couple of months I’ve been shooting a new TV show and I’m so excited to say that tonight, the first episode will be on a screen near you, South Africa! Premiering on DSTV’s new Afrikaans lifestyle channel, Via (147) at 5pm, Ruil My Styl is a style makeover show that uses internet shopping to change a lucky contestant’s wardrobe.

If you don’t understand Afrikaans, why not pour yourself a glass of wine, put the TV on mute and make up your own commentary in your head?

Via shared an interview with me on their website today, but since it’s in Afrikaans, I thought I’d post the English version here.

  1. Who is your style icon and why?

I don’t have one specific style icon. I find inspiration in the changing seasons, how I feel in my own body and what I see on the rails of local designers. I find local cuts, fabrics and ranges more relevant than international trends.

2. What’s the one item every woman’s closet needs?

A pair of jeans that make her feel like she spontaneously lost 2kgs and a white button-up shirt.

3.  Which designer understands your soul and why?

Local designer Margot Molyneux. Her feminine cuts, classic style and soft fabrics are exactly what I look for in must-have items.

4. What’s the best beauty tip you’ve ever received?

Always wear sunscreen and never wear something that makes you feel so uncomfortable that you spend the day pulling at your clothes. Also that you always feel like you look best when you exercise regularly.

5. What’s the cheapest item of clothing in your closet?

Actually, almost everything in my closet. I’m not scared to shop off the rail from low-cost fashion brands. I prefer to regularly update my wardrobe and throw things out so expensive items bore me too quickly.

6. Where does the name Tails of a Mermaid come from?

My lifelong dream is to become a mermaid. Second prize would be to have the hair of a mermaid.

7. You often blog about travel. What are the five essential clothing items you can’t travel without?

A swim suit, a great pair of jeans, a denim shirt, a kaftan of some description and a white shirt.

8. Do you have any advice for aspiring bloggers?

Be true to your own voice and don’t try to imitate anyone else – there’s just no space on the internet for that. Your story and your personality are interesting enough.

9. What’s the most expensive thing you’ve bought online?

Many plane tickets, but fashion wise, probably Hunter Boots, which are very expensive considering they are farm footwear.

10. Lots of people are scared of online shopping – especially when it comes to buying clothes. What do you have to say to them?

Think about the benefits of online shopping; you can shop from the office, it feels like you’re receiving a Christmas present when your order arrives, you don’t have to see yourself in awful change room lighting, you don’t have to look for parking and if you don’t like something, you send it back!

The clothing on the show is all ordered from Spree. My hair is done by my long time salon, Scar and my skin and nails are looked after by Sacred Care.

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  1. Natalie ek het jou program so so geniet en soms as jy dames touwys gemaak het was ek so opgewonde vir hulle part. Wanneer is jy weer terug op die lig? ek koop nou self klere op Spree en O my goodness dit is so lekker en die vriendelikese mense om mee besigheid te doen.
    ek sal graag op jou program wil wees ek het so baie klere om uit te gooi, maar ek sal n bowing moet reel om te vir jou kaap toe te bring ek is in Pretoria. laat weet wanneer jy weer op die lig. gaan wees. Vriendelike groete Sandra.kotze@exxaro.com