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WIN Two Cases of Wine from Klein Dasbosch

You might have read about Klein DasBosch on my blog a little while ago. They are making some pretty great Chardonnay and Rosé wines and today, I’m giving away a case of each! I know, I know, just in time for the holidays!

The Maude’s Selection Rosé makes for a particularly great Christmas present for any wine lover. The bottle is so pretty you wouldn’t even have to wrap it. These wines are available at Checkers.

Klein DasBosch Wine


Comment below and tell me: What’s your favourite summer wine? Chardonnay or Rosé?

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It’s so easy it’s like a Christmas miracle!

*The competition is open for one day only, on Monday, 21 December. Competition closes on Tuesday, 22 December. Open to South Africa only.


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  1. oooh tough choice. This summer has been very much all about the Chardonnay 🙂 Holding thumbs!

  2. Rose please

  3. Always Rosé!

  4. A chilled Rose on a hot Summers day always hits the spot !!

  5. Hmmmm, what wine could be mine?
    I would have to say…
    A buttery Chardonnay!
    With a block of ice (definitely my vice).
    Hey, hey, olé!

  6. Please ignore the previous comment. What I meant to say was Chardonnay all the way, gurl!

  7. Rosé by the boatload!

  8. Rose – because the colour is fitting for summer!

  9. Chardonnaynay all day day!

  10. I believe in Chardonnay this summer and
    A little Rosé to tint the day finer.

  11. Nothing beats a glass of chardonnay in summer!

  12. A glass of Chards please 🙂

  13. Rose all the way!!!

  14. Chardonnay!

  15. Chardonnay, please! 🙂

  16. Message
    Rose is my favourite.

  17. My favourite year-round wine has to be chardonnay. I’ve even converted my red wine loving husband to chardonnay in the summer 🙂

  18. BOTH! eish…..we are bad like that!

  19. Chardonnay is my choice of summer wine.

  20. A very chilled rose is delectable


  22. Chardonnay 😁😁

  23. One hundred percent, Chardonnay. With a block of ice!

  24. Let’s go for the Rose

  25. Rose, just saying it, already sounds festive