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The Most Interesting People I Know Podcast

It’s long been a dream of mine to have my own podcast. I’ve been thinking about launching one for years. I listen to so many every day, and you know, I love pushing myself. But it was hard to decide whether I’d be able to commit to it, what my subject matter would be, if people would actually listen to it and whether I would be ok with the production quality not being quite up there with the likes of This American Life.

For years people have been asking me, “how do I start a blog?” and my answer has always been the same; just start it. I’ve been asking myself the question “how do I start a podcast?” and eventually, I took my own advice. I put aside my fears of failure, quality issues and an even busier schedule. I built a website, created social media accounts, visited https://getfans.io/buy-spotify-plays to look at buying some Spotify streams to initially boost the popularity and today, I launched The Most Interesting People I Know. A podcast about everyday people with the most interesting stories.

I know so many interesting people. And here’s the thing, so do you. I truly believe that everyone is interesting. Even boring people are interesting in their mundanities. We all have an story of some sort to tell. We’ve all have crazy, interesting, sad and outrageous things happen to us, that have fundamentally impacted who we are.

I love asking people questions. I can talk for ages to just about anyone, because I don’t mind keeping the conversation going by asking question after question about their kids, where they grew up, what their favourite colour was when they were 9, how they decided to become a kidney specialist. And it’s through this habit of incessant question asking that I’ve come to realise – I’m surrounded by interesting people. And now, I can’t wait to tell their stories.

On this show, you’ll hear the stories of people I know from around the world. Chefs, winemakers, CEO’s, entertainers, my neighbours, fashion designers, doctors, filmmakers. A collection of stories from the people you’re likely to meet. Who happen to have interesting lives.

Here’s a preview of what you can expect from #themostIPIKpodcast

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