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After more than 40 hours in transit, including an Uber ride, two 10 hour flights, a night at the Airport Hotel in Doha, a very short stay in a hotel in Seminyak, Bali, several taxi rides, 2 hours on a boat, a terrible sunburn, and one ride in a horse-drawn carriage, we are finally on the tiny island of Gili Trawangan, just off Bali, in Indonesia. 

We had an 8 hour layover in Doha, from midnight to 8am, so we decided to book a room at The Airport Hotel at Doha International Airport. Such a lifesaver between two 10 hour flights!

I even made the effort to spend a few minutes in the gym, to help with circulation and plane calories.

Gili Trawangan is a tiny island, with no motorised transport. We were transferred to our hotel in one of these horse-drawn Cimodos.

Finally! Spending the next 3 days soaking up the sun and drowning in cocktails at Le Pirate on Gili T.

I’m going to be travelling in Bali for the next couple of weeks, where we will be celebrating the wedding of my little sister Jonti, and her beloved Aussie, Nick.

Arriving on Gili T with a massive sunburn. Warning: Don’t underestimate the sun in Bali!

Monday morning at Le Pirate

What holiday dreams are made of

In front of our room at Le Pirate

Tropical dream


I won’t be blogging much until I get back, but you can follow my travels on Instagram @tailsofamermaid. I’ll also be Snapping now and then, so you can follow me there @natalieroos. 

We plan on chilling, eating, drinking, snorkeling, attending a beautiful wedding in the jungle and soaking up the vibe in Ubud. So if you need a little virtual escape from the office, or a little inspiration for your next holiday, follow along. 


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    Marli / 29 Aug


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    Marli / 29 Aug

    Loved Bali when I was there – so sad I missed this place (definitely on my bucketlist if I go there again)

    Looks great!

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