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The Most Beautiful Wedding Video

In September this year, my little sister got married in Bali. It was so so beautiful and special and I honestly cried from start to finish. I’ve watched her wedding video about 5 times and sobbed every time. Key moments that push me over the edge: When her voice cracks as she says “Nicholas” in her speech, when her new husband’s mom comforts my mom, when my dad walks into the bridal suite and sees her for the first time, when her husband sees her coming down the isle, when I see a closeup shot of myself with all my makeup cried off.

I posted some pictures from the day, as well as my wedding speech (Maid of Honour, thank you, thank you) over here. But this video really shows off  the beautiful day and Jonti and Nick’s special relationship. Make sure you watch it in HD.

Jonti & Nick Wedding Highlights (Bali) from Jacques Crafford Wedding Films on Vimeo.

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  1. WOW!! Ongelooflik spesiaal.

  2. Actual, real, work-inappropriate tears. So beautiful !!!!!!!

  3. So ongelooflik pragtig!!!

  4. So utterly beautiful.

  5. WARM FUZZIES!!!! (and a tear) this is beautiful! x

  6. Goosebumps!!! Most beautiful wedding. Should feature on Top Billing!!!