My 2017 Travel Dreams

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One&Only Le Saint Geran Mauritius


In 2016 I had the opportunity to see in the new year in Melbourne, enjoy a little break from South African winter in Mauritius and watch my sister get married in Bali.

The beach at the One & Only Le Saint Géran

Snorkelling in Gili Trawangan, Bali


I also saw loads of my own country, with weekends away in Riebeek-Kasteel, Franschhoek, a cabin hidden in the Platbos Forest, and the Robertson Wine Valley.


Springfield Estate Robertson

Springfield Estate Robertson

Walking in the Platbos Forest


I spent a week eating and drinking my way around Stellenbosch, and woke my boyfriend up at 3am for a spontaneous trip to Namibia. I ate the best meal of my life at Restaurant Mosaic, in Pretoria of all places, and I saw a part of South Africa I’d never seen before when I hit the road to Limpopo for a week.


The view from Jordan Wines. Picture by @theblondeabroad

The Orient, Pretoria


I would like to make 2017 my most exciting year yet. I have big dreams to spend a lot of time exploring this year! In fact, Keenan and I are constantly talking about what it would be like to rent our house out for a year and hit the road. We could both work remotely if we wanted to, and you’re only young once right?

If I time and all the money in the world, these would be the first places I’d visit.


Inside the ice cave ❄️ by @iuriebelegurschi #everydayiceland

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So I don’t have all the money in the world, but I’ve been dying to visit Iceland for ages! This March, I’m heading to the land of Vikings and the Northern Lights with a couple of girlfriends for 10 days and I literally can’t stop thinking about it! Have you ever been to Iceland? Do you have any tips? We’re planning on doing the ring road and staying somewhere different every night.


Amsterdam has always been on my list of cities to visit, and since I’m flying KLM with a layover in Amsterdam anyway, I’ve planned a couple of days there on my way back from Iceland. I can’t wait to cycle along the canals, poke around some coffee shops, spend time in some museums and generally just do a bunch of touristy stuff. If you’ve been before and had to recommend things to do in 48 hours, what would they be?


I’ve only ever heard that Cuba is really interesting and colourful. Now is definitely the time to visit, before it becomes too touristy, so I’m hoping to have the opportunity to see it this year. I imagine the streets lined with beautiful vintage cars, music filling the hot air… Dreamy!


Whenever I meet people from the USA or the UK, they always ask me if I do a lot of African travel. And the answer is not really. Travel in Africa can be quite inaccessible for South Africans, because it’s generally priced for international tourists. It’s not like Europe where you can just pop over to a different country for the weekend on the train. The distances are vast and the roads aren’t great, and flights are pricey. But I’m determined to see more of Africa and Kenya is the place I’d like to see first.


Of all the island destinations in the world, this is the one I would most like to visit. It’s relatively close to South Africa and the clear as glass water and over-water bungalows are what dreams are made of. Imagine waking up and just walking out of your hotel room into the warm, turquoise sea?!


I’ve only ever experienced one white Christmas and let me tell you, I really got a taste for it. This December, Keenan and I are super keen to do a house swap with people who want to stay in Cape Town for the summer, so we can explore some of Europe in the winter. I’m imagining Christmas markets complete with fairy lights, mulled wine and snow covered rooftops.


I spent a few months in London when I was much younger and I’m dying to go back and explore more, this time not all by myself. After a white Christmas in Copenhagen or Germany, I’d love to spend NYE in London.

So yes, I guess I better enter the Lottery asap.


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    Caitlin Jean / 23 Jan

    Amsterdam and Maldives are also on my 2017 travel list as is Georgia (ya know visa free country for South Africans ftw). I somehow managed Cuba and London in 2016, both amazing places. Happy travels xxx

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    Jasmin Nagel / 03 Mar

    If I hadn’t moved to Cape Town 6 years ago, I’d probably be living in Reykjavik or Copenhagen right now. Only because I was invited to my best friends wedding in CT and I happen to have a SA passport (I lived in a Germany) did we end up moving here.
    Boy or boy are you in for a treat when visiting Iceland. Travelled there in 2010 for about 3 weeks – camped all along the coast. It’s been a magical trip and I can’t wait to travel back there one day. Hopefully in winter and in time to see the Northern Lights. I’m jealous right now!
    Copenhagen must be my favorite European city. Beautiful all around. And expensive – so don’t go on a budget. I recall we bought a tourist pass, which gave us entry to possibly all museums and use public transport. We sure made use of it and I think we’ve been to every single museum! 😉
    Amsterdam – I lived near the Dutch border, so a trip to the Netherlands was a mere hours drive away … Amsterdam perhaps 3. Take a canal boat trip and eat poffertjies, vla and stroop waffles. Yum!

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