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March 29, 2017   /   bynatalie  / Categories :  Food & Wine

As I’m sure you’re well aware, I *love* wine (link to food & wine landing page). I’ve spent the past few years tasting my way through some of South Africa’s famous wine producing regions and learning about varietals and flavour profiles as I go.

Having said this, I’m still just as much of a sucker for a great bottle and label design as anyone else. Standing in front of a few hundred bottles, it’s the most eye-catching labels that capture even the most well-intentioned enthusiast’s attention.

That’s why when I saw the design and heard the story behind Hazendal’s new range of Christoffel Hazenwinkel wines, I was pretty much sold.

Hazendal Wines

Hazendal is a historic Wine Estate in beautiful Stellenbosch. Their new concept range of wines celebrates the rich history of the Hazendal farm and pays tribute to Christoffel Hazenwinkel, the first owner of Hazendal.

Christoffel Hazenwinkel Wines

How beautiful is this packaging?

Christoffel Hazenwinkel

In 1699 he was granted 60 hectares of land by Governor Willem Adriaan van der Stel and he named the farm Hazendal (the valley of the hares). The farm was originally a cattle and grain farm, and was turned later into wine farm.

Who is Christoffel Hazenwinkel?

Christoffel Hazenwinkel is a mysterious and dapper humanimal. He loves food, wine, arts & culture and living the good life.

Try the White Blend with a creamy pasta

The Rosé pairs well with sushi

The Red Blend is perfect with a hard cheese

The range consists of a Red Blend, a White Blend and a Rosé. It’s easy drinking, high quality, Stellenbosch wine, wrapped in a stunning bottle. It’s meant to be shared – around the table when you’re having friends over for dinner, over long conversations at a book club, it’s the perfect gift or simply to be enjoyed as a welcome end to a long day.

First Thursdays

The range is officially launching at La Parada on Bree Street in Cape Town on Thursday the 6th of April. It’s First Thursdays,  so the streets will be packed and there will be loads of good vibes. There will also be bottles of Christoffel Hazenwinkel Wines to taste and win.

All you have to do is come round and meet Christoffel , and he’ll welcome you with open arms and a glass of something delicious. There will be a competition running where you could win a case of wine by uploading a picture of yourself living the good life with Christoffel and tagging #FabulousHaas on social media.


I’m giving away a couple of gift boxes, containing a bottle of each wine. To enter, comment below and tell me whether you prefer red, white or rosé to enter.


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    Anthony Matthews / 29 Mar

    hi Natalie, great stuff! I prefer the Rose. see you at La Parada on Bree Street.

  • Reply

    Lillian Janse van Rensburg / 29 Mar

    Rosé 😍😍😍

  • Reply

    Celeste Liebenberg / 29 Mar

    Rosé please Natalie!

  • Reply

    Sandra Zaayman / 29 Mar

    This looks divine!

    Red please!🐰🍷

  • Reply

    Samantha Parrish / 29 Mar

    I’d love to win a case of the white but wine is wine & all of the would go down so well 😉 Also, I am moving into my own place soon & have a wine rack to fill so this would be the perfect prize for a wine lover!

  • Reply

    Naomi du Plessis / 29 Mar

    Those labels are amazing! Can’t wait to try them. Listen, I’m a red, white and rose gurl, because I don’t discriminate. But if I had to choose only one, I’d be a red gurl.

  • Reply

    Olivia Magnelli / 29 Mar

    Mmmm tough one… I like all colours of the wine spectrum but I’d go with Rose!

  • Reply

    Stephanie / 29 Mar

    RED, RED WIIIINE!! stay close to meeeee…

  • Reply

    Beatrice / 29 Mar

    Red Wine and cheese <3 Heaven <3

  • Reply

    Deirdre van den Dool / 29 Mar

    🍷 oh the red!! The rabbits remind me of the charactars in the Beatrix Potter books.

  • Reply

    Michaela Stehr / 29 Mar

    Ah these labels are super cute! I’d love to wine some white wine… to greedily enjoy before we cross over to chilly winter! X

  • Reply

    Michaela Stehr / 29 Mar

    Wouldn’t say no to the white… need to get a few more summer afternoon vino sessions in before chilly winter hits!

  • Reply

    Nikki / 29 Mar

    White would be lovely! 🙂

  • Reply

    Jean Paterson / 29 Mar

    I’d love a case of red wine please. Winter is coming! 🍷🍷🍷

  • Reply

    Jane Paterson / 29 Mar

    I would love a case of red wine for those chilly winter evenings coming up!

  • Reply

    Simone / 29 Mar

    You had me at creamy pasta so my choice would be white please 🙂
    Holding thumbs

  • Reply

    Abigail Madsen / 30 Mar

    The rose looks amazing! And so does that sushi! 🙂

  • Reply

    Marlett / 30 Mar

    Red please, yes please!

  • Reply

    Carla / 30 Mar

    Red is always such a winner , especially in our Winter months 🙂 Love , love ,love the labels , very eye catching ! ……Red please 🙂

  • Reply

    Franco Fernandes / 30 Mar

    Red red wiiine! 🙂

  • Reply

    Sarah / 30 Mar

    Defo red, for those lazy Autumn sunlit stoep days 🙂

  • Reply

    Guy / 31 Mar

    Red Blend for me please 🙂

  • Reply

    Jasco Jacobs / 03 Apr

    Those labels are super funky! With winter approaching, I’ll definitely go for the sophisticated Red! 🙂

  • Reply

    Neil Paterson / 03 Apr

    I would love to try the Rosé!

  • Reply

    Jacqueline / 03 Apr

    They all look amazing but nothing beats a good red!

  • Reply

    Louise / 03 Apr

    Planning a few cheese fondues (and platters) for winter, so please bring on the white wine. 🙂

  • Reply

    Tahlia Hamilton / 03 Apr

    The red wine looks fantastic for the winter months heading our way.

  • Reply

    Elize / 03 Apr

    Rooi wyn vir die pyn… Altyd.

  • Reply

    emlyn thomas / 03 Apr

    Rose yes please and thank you

  • Reply

    Shante / 03 Apr


  • Reply

    Shante / 03 Apr

    White for me so I can lament the last few days of summer

  • Reply

    Emi Milne / 04 Apr

    Dié wyn bottles sal so mooi en gepas lyk op n paasfees tafel. Rooiwyn sal lekker samet chocolate paaseiers gaan.

  • Reply

    Liezel Thomas / 10 Apr

    White for me!

  • Reply

    Lynnith / 26 Apr

    Red is my fav!

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