What to Pack for A Boating Holiday in France

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what to pack for a boating holiday in france

I don’t know about you, but I love packing to theme when I’m travelling. It really gets me excited about the destination and makes for some great memories and pictures. When it comes to packing for a boating holiday in France, you’ll need to think small. You’ll want to pack light, since space is pretty limited when your bedroom is inside a boat. A capsule wardrobe with red, white, blue and black pieces that you can mix and match to create some fun looks is what you’re after.¬†Here’s my guide on what to pack for a boating holiday in France.

What to Pack for A Boating Holiday in France

Remember to pack layers, since it can be chilly in the early morning and in the evening. I went *all out* with my boating-themed wardrobe and I have zero regrets! I teamed up with Spree to showcase some of my favourite pieces online right now and had so much fun dressing up in the morning (and people on the other boats seemed to find it as amusing as I did).


– Scroll to the bottom for more pics of my wardrobe for the trip-

1 Round Sunglasses by Ray-Ban (shop here)

2 Necktie (shop here, alternative here)

3 Black jumpsuit by Mango (shop here)

4 Blue & white striped dress (shop here, alternative here)

5 Ruffled-sleeve T by Mango (shop here)

6 High-waisted Trousers by Mango (shop here)

7 Red & white striped long-sleeved T (shop options here and here)

8 Blue jeans (shop here)

9 Oversized grey jersey (shop here)

10 Black jeans (shop here)

11 Levi’s Heritage Overalls (shop here)

12 Classic Chuck Taylor All Stars in leather (shop here)

13 Light trench by Mango (shop here)

14 The perfect white shirt by Mango (shop here)

15 Flip flops (shop here)

16 Hat by Style Republic (shop here)

17 Blue & white Espadrilles (shop here)

18 Blue & white striped skirt (shop here)

Tips for Packing for A Boating Holiday in France

  • Pack soft luggage that you can fold and stow once you’ve unpacked
  • Bring shoes that are easy to slip on and take off, since you’ll be jumping off the boat to open the locks a couple of times every day
  • Bring closed shoes with good grip so you don’t slip on the boat
  • Pack layers – even in autumn, the midday temperatures were high 20’s while the mornings and evenings were chilly
  • Have fun with your wardrobe. Nautical stripes, lots of neckties and head scarves and red lips will get you in the mood and make you feel like the captain you literally are
  • Pack fabrics that won’t crease or use your hair flat iron to iron out any pieces that really need it
  • Jumpsuits and overalls are ideal since you’ll be climbing up and down the deck and riding your bike a lot
  • Dresses are cute for days when you’re cruising and checking out local villages (especially Sancerre) or sightseeing on your bike
striped trousers white sweater

White jersey | White shirt | Striped trousers | White sneakers

boating holiday wardrobe guide

what to pack for a boating holiday in france

White dress (sold out)


boat trip packing guide

Striped necktie | Black and white bell-sleeve top

red white bardot top

Red Bardot top

what to pack for a boating holiday in france

Striped necktie | Light trench


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