Our 2018 Bathroom Makeover Inspiration

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Since we moved into our place in 2015, we’ve spent countless hours lovingly upgrading and updating the empty shell we first bought. It’s been a really fun and interesting process and to be honest, I have loved every moment of it. After getting the boring stuff like blinds and a proper garage door out the way, we created a Moroccan courtyard in the desolate backyard. We also built a loft bed to create more space and separated the bedroom from the rest of the house with a glass pane wall. Now we’re dreaming about a bathroom makeover.

Our 2018 Bathroom Makeover Inspiration

geberit bathroom makeover

The one space we’ve been dying to work on, but haven’t been able to get round to yet, is the bathroom. It’s not bad, but it’s not great. We’re lucky to have quite a lot of space, but the room is quite dark and a bit boring. I’d like to create a bathroom that’s modern and sleek but feels comfortable – like a place you’d like to spend some time in. Recently I’ve been pinning some ideas around the elements I’d like to see when we do update the bathroom.

Subway tiles

They’ve been a major trend for years and I’m still really into them. Our bathroom is 1,5 volume, so I’d like to do up to normal ceiling height in white subway tiles and paint the remaining half volume up to the ceiling in white paint.

Ground Level Shower

I love the way they basically turn the whole bathroom into a shower in India. Our shower is already huge (big enough for two people) so I’d like to add a second showerhead and create a ground level drain. When you’re done showering, you just mop up the water.

Illuminated Round Mirrors

I’ve always wanted to be able to do my makeup with perfect lighting.

Turkish Towels

Turkish towels are having a moment right now and I’d very much like them to have a moment in my bathroom. In fact, I wouldn’t mind going to Turkey to shop for the real deal.

Double Basins

I love the idea of double basins. Couples who brush their teeth together are what adorable romantic comedies are made of, and I want in on that.


Right now we have selves and to be honest I sometimes wish we had cabinets so that I could just close the door on the clutter of body lotions and medicines. I’m really into these minimalist cabinets that are a big trend right now.

Wall Art

I have a big map of Iceland that I’d like to have framed for the bathroom. Cause who said you can’t have art in there?

Throw Rug and Interesting Flooring

I don’t see why your bathroom rugs need to be small and fluffy. In fact, I find them pretty gross. I’d like to have a nice printed rug in there to bring some love into the room and make it feel more thought through. I’m also very into patterned tiles and interesting flooring.

When it comes to luxurious bathrooms, I’ve always been a fan of Geberit. Their design-focused brand has a variety of sleek, beautiful bathroom products that I’d love to incorporate into my home. Check out their website at www.geberitcollection.com/explore to see more.

*This post was sponsored by Geberit.


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