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The Most Interesting People I Know. A podcast about the everyday people I know, with the most interesting stories I’ve heard.

The Most Interesting People I Know Podcast

About #themostIPIKpodcast

Welcome to The Most Interesting People I Know, a podcast about everyday people with the most interesting stories. Produced by me, Natalie Roos. I was going to call this podcast Interesting People I Know – but that’s already been taken. On this podcast, you’ll hear the stories of ordinary people who have done the most interesting things, live the most interesting lives and have the most interesting stories to tell.

I’ve always loved asking questions. I’ve made my grandma tell the story about how she and my grandpa met at least 20 times. I will listen to a furniture buyer talk about her creative process, enthralled. I’ll ask a doctor about the new equipment advances in kidney transplants like I know what he’s talking about.

It’s this inquisitive personality that has lead me to the stories of LBGT film producers in Kenya, an all-female group of private detectives on a Safari holiday in Cape Town, residents who grew up on the inside of South Africa’s Apartheid era and many more of the most interesting people I know.

Because every person I meet has an interesting story. And I want to tell it.

Listen to the podcast, subscribe to the newsletter and see a picture of the person behind the microphone in every episode at www.themostipikpodcast.com.