Best Brunch In Cape Town: Private Kitchen with Chef Matt Manning

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If pushed, I would have to say that my favourite meal of the day is brunch. Because it combines the best parts of both breakfast and lunch, like eggs and coffee but also wine. It’s also not normally a meal associated with weekdays, so it feels like a celebration of the weekend. Unfortunately, when it comes to finding the best brunch in Cape Town, I have to admit though that the brunch scene isn’t very impressive.

Best Brunch In Cape Town

For the best brunch in town, there are really only two restaurants that hit it out of the park. I’d normally head straight to The Pot Luck Club or The Shortmarket Club. However, getting a booking at either of these spots over the summer season or the weekend or at short notice or basically any other time can be taxing.

So what are a bunch of friends to do when they feel like a fancy brunch but can’t get a table at the city’s best brunch spot? They call on Private Chef Matt Manning.

Private Chef Matt Manning

Matt Manning is an international Private Chef and creator of the famous One Ingredient dining experience. Matt perfected his trade in the kitchens of some of London’s finest restaurants, including the Michelin-starred Pétrus and Marcus Wareing at the Berkeley (now called Marcus). Matt was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to hone his skills under some of the best in the business, such as Gordon Ramsay, Marcus Wareing, Alyn Williams, James Knappet and Bryn Williams.

And we were fortunate enough to enjoy a multiple-course brunch at the beautiful inner-city apartment Matt shares with his gorgeous partner Roxanne in Cape Town.

matt manning private chef

Bloody Mary on tap

matt manning private chef

The man with the magic hands

Private Kitchen

Their space is located on the 12th floor of a building in the heart of Cape Town and looks like its straight from the pages of a decor magazine. On a sunny Sunday morning, eight of us were seated around Matt and Roxanne’s dining table, with a full view of their drool-worthy kitchen on one side, and the Cape Town sky line on the other. Five courses, at least six bottles of Le Lude bubbly and a couple of the best Bloody Mary’s I’ve ever tasted later, we were lounging around the living room, listening to vinyls and trying to subtly undo the top buttons of our jeans.

matt manning brunch club

Matt and Roxanne’s gorgeous apartment in the heart of Cape Town

Five courses, served with wine

Summer fruit salad, charcuterie and cheese

The Menu

  • The meal started with a summer fruit salad and a selection of fancy cheese and charcuterie
  • This was followed by the tastiest spicy Huevos Rancheros, with black garlic, braised oxtail, crispy fried hens egg and fresh baked bread
  • Next up was salmon and mashed potato, with a crispy rosti, asparagus, perfectly poached egg and luscious Hollandiase sauce
  • We had to save some room for Matt’s Breakfast Bao of pulled pork shoulder, teryaki mushrooms, cauliflower puree, fried qual egg, pork crackling and crispy corn crumb
  • The feast ended with banana bread French toast, with baked figs, mascarpone and maple bacon

It was INSANELY DELICIOUS! I mean, my mouth is basically watering all over my keyboard even just thinking about it!

Course after course of food, glorious food

Matt’s Huevos Rancheros

Salmon rosti, Matt’s way

Breakfast Bao

Feast your eyes on Matt’s pulled pork Breakfast Bao in all its glory

Banana French Toast

Matt Manning’s Brunch Club

Matt’s Private Kitchen Brunch Club is going to be a monthly occurrence. The best part is that you can book it at your very own home. Matt brings everything he needs to prepare the feast, while you sit back sipping bubbles and feasting. However, he is open to hosting it at his apartment for special occasions.

The brunch includes five courses, two bottles of superb Le Lude MCC and a batch of Matt’s special Bloody Mary (the secret’s in the tequila/rum blend) and the cost is R650 per person. You’ll need to book a couple of days in advance and for at least 10 people. Believe me, you will never look back.

best brunch in cape town

Too full to function





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