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Welcome to Reunion Island #gotoReunion

I recently had the opportunity to visit the magnificent Reunion Island for a week. If you don’t know where it is, don’t feel weird. Surprisingly, it’s only a 4 hour flight from Joburg and lies just 200 km’s south-west of Mauritius. So basically, South Africans should be visiting the island a lot more often than we do. In fact, I’m going back again tomorrow! (Lucky me!)

This is a video I made earlier in June when I visited for the first time.
I’ll be joining international travel bloggers from the USA, Brazil and the Netherlands for a week of Reunion Island exploration. They are: Keith Jenkins from Velvet Escape, Matthew Karsten from Expert Vagabond, Priscila Reis Magalhaes from Brazilian blog Voali, Matthew Ryan Brown, video magic makerNational Geographic Channel Adventure Ambassador, Yann Macherez, Kati Auld from Getaway; Selene Brophy from News24 Travel Island Guide and Meruschka Govender from Mzansi Girl.

“I think I see a fish … or a whale …” It’s just after 8am and I am in a microlight, mere metres above the turquoise blue waves of the Indian Ocean.”

I wrote about my experience for Reunion Island Tourism’s new blog which launched today. Read it here. If you want to know anything about the culture, nightlife, experiences or want to see pictures of what the island looks like, check out the awesome blog, which features everything there is to do on the island. If you’re wanting to record and publish what you get up to on the island for friends and family, maybe you could even look at starting your own blog, you’re able to read more into how to start your own websites using many online advice resources.

Follow the #gotoReunion campaign, which kicks off tomorrow in real time on the new blog: Welcome To Reunion Island. For daily updates, follow me on Twitter @NatalieRoos and Instagram @tailsofamermaid.

The #gotoReunion campaign is sponsored by the Reunion Island Tourism Board and supported by Destinate and iambassador.