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The Sounds of Soul & Surf Mornings

waves crash
a crow squawks 
and again
cicadas ring in my subconscious
a single bird chirps
a palm leaf broom
swishing back and forth 
on concrete
in the distance children laugh
a motorbike chuggs past
far away a horn beeps
a murmured conversation in french
the slap of flip flops 
padding across grass

In November of 2013 I spent two weeks at the magnificent Soul & Surf in Kerala, India. We started every morning with a tiny banana and a cup of coffee at sunrise, before piling our surfboards onto the top of an old Jeep and going in search of waves. We’d spend over two hours in the warm waves, before heading back to a healthy vegetarian breakfast. Every evening, around sunset, we’d head to the roof of the building for an hour of yoga. These were the sounds I recored into my special memory box one morning whilst meditating.