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Prepping for Greece

You know when you start planning a trip and it’s months and months away and it seems like the time to board the plane will absolutely never come and then suddenly you’re like, 5 sleeps away?

I leave for Greece on Monday morning and I am slowly but surely busy prepping for 12 days away. What I really want to do is layout all my black, white, blue and grey clothing items and all my toiletries and pack them right now, but that makes no sense at all. So I channel my excitement and enthusiasm into lists.

Lists of electronics and charging cables, camera gear and paperwork. Check-lists. Lists lists lists. I just love a good list. One thing that was on my list was contacting a car rental company. I don’t want to rely on public transport so renting a car and driving myself around is the best option for me! I know that they have rental places like the Rental Center Crete but in Athens, so that was top of my list.

We’ll be in Athens for 6 days, where I will be attending the TBEX Conference, meeting up with a few super friendly local Greek food bloggers and exploring the city with my Keenan. I’ve been avidly searching the net for the best tours in Athens so I can really get the full experience of the city. I just can’t wait to see those beautiful scenes and try the cuisine, and just embrace the traditions and culture of the country! I just have to make sure I’m prepared for it to make sure it is as enjoyable as I imagine.

There are a few key physical preparations to any successful trip and these include a good hydrating facial, a trip to the hairdresser and a visit to the beauty salon. I like to travel light, which is much easier when my skin, hair and body are in good shape. It means that I need to take less stuff with me and that I can look back at the pictures in 50 years and be like, wow I had really great hair.

Prepping for a Trip


My skin is kind of sensitive and doesn’t respond well to climate control, so I like to have a facial before I spend 20 hours in an air-conditioned plane. I normally schedule a facial with my QMS specialist a few days before the trip, and up my moisturising regimen in the days leading up to the flight.

I like to travel with the QMS Hydro Foam Mask, which is a leave-on treatment that keeps my skin super hydrated during the flight. I don’t wear makeup when I fly (it tends to dry my skin out even more and it stresses me out to have it on my skin for like, 24 hours), so I might carry MAC’s Fix Fluid to sprits onto my skin when it starts looking a bit dull. Also a mascara and a lip balm for when I land (thanks to my facial my skin looks pretty good foundation-free). I also use a line smoothing serum to keep my face nice and hydrated and makes it feel tighter. I always try and keep my skin hydrated, especially once I’ve had a facial and all of the dead skin has been removed. It is also used to combat any fine lines or wrinkles and everyone knows you should start preventing wrinkles at a young age.


My hair stylist, Carlos at Scar has been the custodian of my hair for the past couple of years and I love him. I try pop in for a trim and a treatment before I travel so that my hair will be more get-up-go than tie-up-and-gross while I’m away. Obviously dry shampoo is my best friend not only when I travel but basically al the time. My friend Camilla from All Dolled Up taught me this great trick: Tie your hair in a loose bun and spray your hairline with dry shampoo before bed. In the morning, your hair will have lots of body and it won’t be ratty around your face,


I always get a bit of cold from flying, so I try to stock up on immune boosters for a few days before I get into that cesspit of human illness. I am recovering from a pretty severe ear infection right now (worst timing) and my kinesiologist (don’t laugh) has recommended high doses of Vitamin C combined with bio-flavanoids and super-high doses of probiotics.

She’s recommended Vibrant Health (which apparently contains over 25 billion probiotics – I can’t image I need many more than that) and NRF Vitamin C 2000 which are both available at Wellness Warehouse. I know that there are many probiotics out there for people to try, but the other thing that needs to be taken into account is prebiotics, bio complete 3 has both of those to help with digestive issues that can happen when going on a trip, especially if it is overseas. I might have to go for them instead, I haven’t made my mind up yet as you can tell!

I also give my skin a good once-over exfoliation and intense moisture-kick. I love The Body Shop for body scrubs and I recently started using Lipodol’s After Shower Oil and I love it. It leaves my skin hydrated, gets absorbed quickly and it doesn’t have an overpowering fragrance.

I normally only travel with one perfume because who has the space or inclination to carry more than that around? I am in love with Elie Saab for day and night.

I also like to get my nails done so that they don’t chip and or look gross because I’m sure not going to be travelling with a nail kit. I’ve been going to Kath at Sacred Care Skin & Body since I moved to Cape Town and I just love the salon. Kath and her team are like friends to me now and they offer amazing service at really reasonable prices.