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Foodie Date Ideas in Cape Town

The way to a man’s heart is… well I honestly don’t know. From what I’ve heard it’s through his stomach but I’ve found that route to be a bit hit-and-miss. The way to woman’s heart on the other hand, now that I can vouch for. And I’ll give it to you straight: It’s either diamonds or food.

I know this might come as a shock to you, but women do still enjoy some chivalry now and then. Even feminists. A little effort and a few drops of truffle oil wouldn’t go amiss. So the next time you’re looking to show a little love to a lady, maybe don’t invite her over for another evening of Eastern Food Bazaar and DVDs and take her out on a foodie date instead.

I’m not talking just a candle lit romantic dinner. I can hear you yawning already. There are lots of really fun and interactive foodie experiences in Cape Town that involve good food, a lot of good wine and fun.

One Ingredient with Matt Manning

Chef Matt Manning has been hosting his One Ingredient dinners for over a year now and the one I went to had a group of ranging groupies present so I think that attests to it’s fun factor.

Using just one main ingredient, he designs a 4 course menu – so for example he will use pumpkin in every dish yes even dessert. This results in some really unique and interesting dishes that are all truly delicious.

First you watch him prepare the menu, then you prepare it yourself, then you eat it. There is also more than enough wine being poured at any given time. A really fun date idea – especially if you’re kind of still a new thing and a romantic dinner seems a bit awkward.

More info here.

The Kitchen Table at Majeka House

Honestly, Majeka House is super romantic. The decor is beautiful and the food is amazing and if you book a room for the night on top of the dinner you’ll be scoring too many boyfriend points to know what to do with.

I took some pictures but then unfortunately, I accidentally deleted them all from my phone! 
This picture belongs to The Inside Guide.

The Kitchen Table Dinner at the hotel’s Makaron restaurant is a really fun and intimate experience. Any foodie will just love it. I really did. Honestly, it’s one of the best food and wine pairings I’ve ever had.

A little table seats two right in the heart of the Makaron kitchen. Chef Tanja Kruger will welcome your little two seater table and talk you through the menu and Esme Groenewald, the lovely sommelier, will tell you about the wines she’s chosen to pair with the dishes.

Image credit: The Inside Guide

What I loved most about the wines was that they didn’t only pair the most expensive bottles. One of the wines we had goes for R40 a bottle – and it was my favourite pairing of the night.

When I was there I ran into a girl in the bathroom who was like “you’re sitting in the kitchen right? That’s so cool” and I honestly felt like Beyonce. That’s how you want to make your date feel, am I right?

More info here.