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Wrapping up 2014

There are just 10 days to go until Christmas and I have to say, I’m only kind of getting into the festive spirit now. Despite spending my entire life except for one white Christmas in Germany celebrating the 25th of December in summer, I somehow can’t associate Christmas with warm weather. I’m waiting for the snow, you know?

So last weekend I celebrated an early Christmas with all my best girls at Greenpoint Park and it was a perfect day in the weather department. There was delicious gammon and roast chicken and a few salads and we were all so happy and it felt a bit like Christmas.

This year has been crazy and when I look back I can’t believe how much has happened. I quit my job and went freelance. I travelled to Reunion Island (twice), Greece (more here) and Namibia.

I went on a safari and and I went camping at the beach and I stayed in some seriously luxe hotels. I celebrated one year of happiness with my most awesome partner. We took a weekend trip to Nature’s Valley.

I ate my way through Stellenbosch, the Knysna Oyster Festival ,Athens and much of Cape Town and I have the extra bits of flesh to show for it. Sometimes I have to scroll through my own Instagram feed just to get a grip on how much has happened this year.

So having said that, I realised last week how tired I actually am. I’ve worked hard, and a lot, and I’ve travelled and experienced and now it feels like my brain is exhausted. There’s so much to tell you and I’ve got some Greece and Namibia stories coming up. But for now, I’m too tired to sit down and write them.

I’m squeezing in one last trip for 2014 when I head back to Reunion Island this Thursday for their Creole Festival, which celebrates the Creole culture and food and I cannot wait. I’ll be sharing the whole trip on social media along the way, so follow me if you want to see what this festival is all about.

I might share some stuff on the blog now and then over the next couple of weeks, but for now, I’m going to say that I’ve wrapped up 2014. Thanks for experiencing it with me!