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TripAdvisor Destination Guides – My Guides to Cape Town

Cape Town top destination in the world

I receive so many emails and Facebook messages every week from people who are coming to visit Cape Town, asking for recommendations on things to do and places to see – and places to eat! I absolutely love giving tips to anyone and everyone coming to visit the city, so I was really excited to be selected as one of TripAdvisor’s TripBods -a community of locals who create destination guides on their hometowns for the TripAdvisor platform.

Cape Town top destination in the world

I was commissioned to cover 3 Days in Cape Town, Cape Town for Families and the Best Food in Cape Town. I had a lot of fun writing the guides and put loads of thought into each one. Cape Town was recently voted number 10 on the Travellers’ Choice Destinations 2015 list by the TripAdvisor community and my list featured as one of the guides to this special city.

If you’re planning a trip to Cape Town or even if you’re a regular visitor wanting to explore Cape Town like a local, check out my guides below.


3 Days in Cape Town

Three days is a good amount of time in which to explore the natural beauty, urban landscape, and Winelands of Cape Town. Follow this guide, and delve deeper into the various subcultures that make up this diverse city.

What to do in Cape Town


Guide to Cape Town for Families

Cape Town is a great place for families, since there are so many entertaining attractions to choose from here. Even better, these family-friendly sights will appeal as much to grown-ups as they do to kids.

Cape Town for families

Best Food in Cape Town

Cape Town is a melting-pot of cultures where historical influences from India and Southeast Asia permeate the food scene. If you’re used to spending lots of money on food, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the great value for money in Cape Town. Coffee, food and wine are an important part of the Cape Town culture, so make sure you come hungry!


Best Food in Cape Town

If you have any questions about Cape Town, mail me on [email protected]