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It’s Looking A Lot Like Christmas

There’s nothing like the sound of corks popping to get me into a festive mood. I’ve heard that it’s been scientifically proven that the sound of a popping champagne cork releases endorphins into your brain and if this is the case, I strongly feel that the “festive season” should be renamed the “endorphin season”.

KRONE ChristmasKRONE ChristmasKRONE Christmas

This past weekend I gathered (almost) all my favourite people at my home for a festive dinner with Krone MCC. If you don’t know, Methode Cap Classique is the term for South African “Champagne”. It’s made using the exact same method as French Champagne, but cannot carry the name “Champagne” because it doesn’t come from the region in France.

KRONE Christmas KRONE Christmas

Krone is one of South Africa’s top MCC producers and definitely one of my favourites. It’s grown and made on the farm Twee Jonge Gezellen, out in Tulbagh. The wines are a classic blend of my two favourite varietals, Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. The Brut is a showcase all the classic flavours of the ideal MCC; a creamy biscuitiness with fine bubbles that create a party in on your palate.

KRONE Christmas

I’m particularly partial to the stunning Rose, which has a beautiful light pink colour and a deliciously dry fruity flavour.

For my Christmas party, I bought some special champagne glasses which I searched for for absolute ages. I eventually found them at Woolworths and bought every one in stock (sorry). I wanted the day to be quite special, so I decided on a jade and rose gold colour scheme (to match the wine, to be honest) and rented some table decor items from Plush Props in Woodstock.

Edible Christmas WreathKRONE Christmas KRONE Christmas thumb_IMG_9328_1024 KRONE Christmas

The menu was classic, with gammon, roast chicken and roast potatoes. I also did a few vegetarian options; creamy mushroom tartlets, roast cauliflower and vine roast tomatoes and little basil, tomato and mozzarella bites.

Edible Christmas WreathEdible Christmas Wreath Edible Christmas Wreath

I also did a repeat of my edible Christmas wreath, which was such a hit the first time. It definitely delivered again. It’s so easy to make and is a beautiful centrepiece for a festive table.

Our afternoon stretched into evening as bottle after bottle of Krone was popped. Endorphins and love flooded my brain and heart as my friends ate and laughed. It was such a special day and I’m so glad I managed to get most of the people I love together before the end of the year.

KRONE Christmas KRONE Christmas KRONE Christmas

After a case of bubbles, we opened up a few bottles of Krone’s still wine. It’s a Chardonnay Pinot Noir blend with a GENIUS cork that’s been patented by the farm. It’s a champagne cork that doesn’t need a bottle opener. This is a great gift for wine lovers, by the way.

Mince pie Eaton Mess KRONE Christmas KRONE Christmas

Our evening only ended after midnight, once all the food and all the wine had been enjoyed. If you haven’t made the time yet, I encourage you to get your friends together for one last special evening before the year ends. There’s nothing like it.

KRONE Christmas KRONE Christmas KRONE Christmas KRONE Christmas


To make your festive season even more bubbly Krone is giving you the opportunity to win a case of your choice of their wine. You could be celebrating the end of the year with a case of the Brut, Rose or Chardonnay Pinot Noir still wine.

KRONE Christmas KRONE Christmas KRONE Christmas


To enter, all you have to do is comment below with your favourite memory of this year. Don’t forget to leave your name and email address. I can’t wait to read about your best part of 2015!

T&C’s: Competition open to South Africans only. Competition will run until Friday, 18 December in order to have the delivery to the winner in time for Christmas.

Follow Krone on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram because they really are a great brand.

* This post is sponsored. Thanks so much to Krone for making our festive celebration even more special.


  1. This is super easy for me!!! BEST feeling this year had been when I was standing on Liberty Island and saw Miss Liberty up close and personal. I haven’t traveled overseas in over 10 years but with the help of a very special person I got to experience one of the best places on earth. I shed tears of joy to have been so blessed. Traveling is something I would do full time given half the chance. =) TO you I would like to say thank you for an epic blog, never boring and always staying true to yourself.

  2. It’s cheesy I know, but my Fave memory was my Daughter’s first time in the sea. Splashing in the water and grinning like only a 9 month old can.

  3. My best memory for this year was definitely giving birth to my little precious Jana. Celebrating life this Christmas got a whole new meaning this year.
    PS your Hair looks amaze!!!

  4. Wow, 2015 was such a great year. So many challenges. I feel like I’ve found and lost and found myself so much this year. I think the best memories of 2015 is making some new friends. I’ve met so many great people who constantly teach and inspire me to do better, to be better. As far as memories go, I’ll reflect on this year as one of tremendous growth, and not a singular event/memory coming to mind. Finally, some career stability, which is good. Some more happiness. I look forward to sharing my life with friends, new and old, over some Krone going into the new year. ?

  5. My best memory of 2015 has to be my hubs and I buying our first house and all the emotional ups and downs that came with it. We move in on 1 Feb and will celebrate with a glass or two of Krone! 🙂

  6. The best memory of 2015 for me, was being able to just sit in the Sistine Chapel and admire the incredible artwork – It’s bucket list worthy. Thanks for the great content!

  7. My best part of 2015 was this very lunch! What a great day it was.

  8. My best memory of 2015 was returning to Cape Town after living in the Seychelles for 10 months; while island life was full of idyllic moments, there truly is no place like home. South Africa, for all its trials and tribulations, is such a magnificent place and we are lucky to live where we do, especially in Cape Town. I’d like to toast my good fortune with Krone – the courage to seize the opportunity and move to an island and the intuition to know it was right to come back home! Cheers. 🙂

  9. Beautiful pictures and telling of a beautiful day Natalie!

    My best memory and the best thing that came out of 2015 for me was the day I got my Cocker Spaniel puppy – Riley. (10 January 2015)

    It was and still is love at first sight**

  10. Bestest best memory ever was having my baking bestie suprise me with the biggest, most delicious birthday cake! Loaded with candy, topped with sugary treats, exploding with colour and to top it all off…It had my face on it (handdrawn with food colouring on edible fondant.) I am totally tweeting you a pic of it 😉 After all, the proof is in the pudding!

  11. My best memory this year was when I graduated. No moment quite surpasses that when your name is called and you are to receive your hard earned law degree. After grad we went out for dinner and popped bubbles of my fave Krone Night Nectar 🙂

  12. Ooh tough to decide what the best memory of 2015 is considering the year involved an intimate wedding in Seychelles. However I think it comes down to one cute bubbly memory.

    It is a little silly when compared to an island elopment but it was when I decided to make a fancy (with an intention to be romantic) dish of mussels in a creamy white wine sauce for my boyfriend. Sooo classsy.

    I had the fresh mussles, a bottle of bubbly, and I had even bought the bloody parsley. To cut my long kitchen story short the dish ended up so stodgy the spoon was standing upright. We were in stitches. It was a flop and totally inedible but the poor bugger proceeded to eat a few mouthfuls in between all the laughing just to please me. Bless him. I was pretty embarrassed. We ended up just drinking our bubbly for dinner which is still pretty classy if you think about it.

    So all you need for a romantic dinner is a boyfriend with a sense of humour, some drinks to get the humour flowing and to leave the maizena locked up.


  13. My highlight of 2015 was most definitley a trip to France shared with my boyfriend. We attended a wedding just outside of Bordeaux and spent 4 glorious days in a chateaux drinking some of the best French champagnes and wine!

  14. My best memory from 2015 was definitely the amazing two weeks I spent in Bali. Absolute heaven. Still dreaming of those beaches.

  15. My best memory of 2015 has to be travelling Europe. This is something I had dreamed of doing and being able to see all the amazing sites was something I will never forget.

  16. I’ve had a year of becoming a REAL GROWNUP.
    I graduated with a PhD and now can be called Doctor.
    I got an incredible job with a great organisation that required me to move across the world at short notice.

    Alongside me with all of this has been the best boy around and a bottle of mcc.

    I’ll be home for New Year and couldn’t think of anything better than making my best memory of the year with the boy and Krone mcc in my favourite place in the world – Cape Town!

  17. I got to celebrate turning 30 with a holiday in Spain and Turkey with some of my best friends. Drinking cava in Barcelona at midnight of my birthday was amazing!

  18. My fav memory of this year will hopefully be winning a case of Krone for Christmas to help celebrate all the great memories of 2015 😉

  19. 2015 has been a year of celebration for me even though I haven’t had much time to actually celebrate. My then boyfriend and I went on our first international vacation, both started amazing jobs, finally bought a new house after a year of searching (tons of tears and confusion) and then finally got engaged three weeks ago. I think a case of Krone will definitely help with our big celebration!

  20. There’ve been a couple, but two highlights stand out: seeing my brother marry the girl of his dreams (who happens to be one of my best friends), and spending a blissful week with my husband in the paradise that is Zanzibar. Both of these occasions were celebrated with plenty bottles of bubbles…

  21. My best memory of this year has to be the moment I heard I had landed my dream job.


  22. My favourite memory started terribly, and ended well.

    I met someone, but I hadn’t met them, yet. We’d been speaking on Twitter, and I liked his sense of humour. I liked the way he made me laugh about ridiculous things, and his messages that popped up when I wasn’t on for a while.

    So a chance came up for me to meet him, like for real meet him in actual real life, and in a super casual way that set up fun with no pressure, and I put on my best dressed and went.

    We met at a birthday party and spoke and laughed and got a little drunk and we tried to do the Dirty Dancing lift and it failed spectacularly, hilariously. We went to a second location, played a series of escalating dares, he bought me a drink.

    But I should have known: NEVER GO TO A SECOND LOCATION. I turned my back, and he found another. Or she found him. Either way, their faces were touching and my heart hurt a little, and I went to drown my sorrows.

    He followed, and tried to repeat the smooching he practised on her, with me.

    It took every inch of self control to stop his face and say no, so I left.

    When I got home I took a Mr Price ottoman (roughly 30cm cubed all-round) and threw it at a mirror. The mirror cracked, the ottoman thumped, I felt slightly better, and I decided not to give in that easily.

    Anyway, we’re dating now, almost six months. And I tell him that memory, and he cringes, and I laugh, and smooch the socks off him.

  23. 2015 has been fabulous, I got to go visit my baby brother in Australia, got a new job and spent lots of time with loved ones, but without a doubt my favourite part has been moving in with my Boyfriend. It is so great to have him there with a big smile on his face when i get home!

    Leanne Burnard
    [email protected]

  24. The highlight of my 2015 was 3 weeks ago when i got married to the love of my life! Krone also happens to be my husband’s favourite!

  25. My best memory by far is watching my best friend get engaged to the man of her dreams and the priceless look on her face when she realised that he had arranged that we were all there to celebrate with them. Looking forward to being her MOH in 2016.

  26. We had just returned back from a whirlwind 9-day holiday to Italy, fitting in 3 beautiful cities (Rome, Florence and Venice) that we absolutely loved! But just before leaving we had spent time with a rescue staffie cross pitbull that had a broken bag leg and cuts/scars dotted all over his little caramel body. His name was Judge, and he was given in to DARG as his owners couldn’t pay the vet bills to stitch up his cuts. He had been used as a bait dog in fights in the Hout Bay area. My boyfriend and i couldn’t believe it, as he was the most loving and non-aggressive pooch in the land. So when we went overseas, we had to give him back to DARG for 10 days, to the agony of seeing his disbelieving eyes as he refused to leave my boyfriend’s side. So, back to the point of this comment, when we returned from Italy, we were too excited to go and fetch our little rescue and give him a loving and stable home. He was over-the-moon when he saw my boyfriend come and pick him up, and is now our beloved ‘Judgel Wudgelstein’ – from a life of defending himself over and over again, to a cosy and cushy life on the MPP (The Mouille Point Promenade). Anything is possible with kindness and compassion. Phew, and that’s the story of our year 🙂

  27. This year has been such a hard one – it started off really badly and got worse when I got retrenched in February. But the year slowly improved – new job, great new coworkers, dyeing my hair pink and then, best of all, meeting the most wonderful guy who picks me up for dates, holds my hand in public and messages me to say good morning every day.

    But my favourite memory?

    When he took me to his best friend’s wedding (where he was the best man) when we’d only been together a few weeks. We danced (which he doesnt like doing), ate, drank and gazed over SImon’s Town harbour all night long.

  28. This year has definitely been one of the better years. From finding an amazing job, to generally being stoked about my life, there have an so many highlights!
    One of

  29. My favourite memory was discovering that my heart actually does do more than pump blood, and that I am not allergic to human emotion, finding a soul to love for the first time and who loves you was not something I thought would happen but it did, it shocked me and scared me and made me happier than a kid in a candy store! This festive season is already brighter and better because of a little love!

  30. I started 2015 just knowing that something big was going to happen, something magical, and, as I happily pat my growing baby bump, I can proclaim that the best and biggest highlight has been finding out that I’m pregnant and expecting a girl next year. My own little sparkle.
    Bubbly might not be on every pregnant mamma’s list but I’d love to celebrate this Christmas, and our bump, with our family and give them something beautiful to toast with.

  31. Celebrating my one year wedding anniversary with my husband! And every day spent with friends, family, and two of the most beautiful cats in the world!

  32. My favourite memory of 2015 – easy. Getting engaged to lara, my girlfriend of 6 years on a hilltop at sunset in Elgin after a day of wine and champagne tasting in the area. I an’t really top that.

  33. Lying in a gauze tent on a remote island in the Philippines, just me and the person I love (no one else on the whole island), watching the fireflies above us and listening to the ocean 3 metres away, just as I turned 30.

    One of the most incredible things I’ve ever done, and bittersweet as we’re no longer together, but, because we’re not, it’s something I will treasure even more. A perfect goodbye, even though we hadn’t quite admitted it at the time.

  34. To be honest I haven’t had the best year ever, nor has it been the worst – I’ve laughed, I’ve cried & learnt so many life lessons.

    This is why I think the best is yet to come & my highlight would be sharing a case of Krone Brut with all my friends on New Years Eve in Limpopo by the pool.

    I’ll also be pretty happy to say goodbye to 2015 and welcome 2016 wth open arms. Next year is my year, I can feel it.

    Happy Christmas all and happy new year to everyone, xxx

    P.S Krone truly is my bloody favourite – get in my face delicious bubbles you!! ???

  35. My favourite part of this year must have been moving from Joburg to the Mother City 2 weeks ago! Seeing my children transform into little beach babes has been a life highlight not only a highlight of 2015:)

  36. There were truly plenty of great moments this year. From being able to visit my aunt and uncle in Europe, my other half saying “I love you” for the first time to holding a healthy baby boy 8 weeks prem in my arms and seeing the joy he brought to his mommy.

    Of all these things though, my most memorable moment was one for myself.
    After self doubt and a mountain of struggles I entered into a new era. In a period of just over 4 months I had managed to lose 11.1kg – an almost impossible task on my medication. Even though the weight was gone, it wasn’t until I did my before and after photos that the reality of what I’d achieved had set in.
    I was stronger, healthier and happier than I had been in a very long time, and my reveal night made that very apparent.

    Looking forward to bigger brighter things in 2016 🙂

  37. Message

  38. My favourite part of this year has to have been getting proposed to on the stormiest night of the year, followed by the most special weekend in Franschhoek…needless to say there were a lot of bubbles consumed! ❤️

  39. Shame I am from UK but best was road trip up from Paarl via Paternosta to see Fish River Canyon in Namibia, long trip on gravel to the hotel and not another car, no one else at the canyon,fantastic!

  40. My favourite memory occurred in June this year, as a family friend that I have not seen in 12 years visited Cape Town. I instantly connected with one of my long lost soul sisters again and showed her the city that I live and breathe for. From the food to the coffee, the views, the wine farms (of course) and the nightlife, I was so proud of showing her my lovely little Cape Town, and she loved every second of it. We talked a lot about SA and Aus (where she is from) and the connection with her will be one I will cherish. She is now back in Aus and we should speak more often, but she made me realise that friendship is so very important as you get older and girlfriends and essential for your sanity (and to share some Krone with)


  41. There were 2 best parts of 2015 for me, one of which was after one of the low points.

    1) My Dad recovering from an incredibly debilitating illness which had him in hospital for quite a while and a light night call out where we thought it was the end. Then his recovery and return to health (as well as his usual dad humour), amazing how something like that makes you truly appreciate moments rather than things and now being able to have another Christmas together and toast to family and health will definitely be one of the highlights.

    2) A good friend of mine got married and all our friends from all corners came together after years of being apart. The amazing part was despite the distance and the amount of time passed since we had last been together, everything just picked up where we left off.
    Another friend is getting married in mid next year and there will be another occasion for everyone to get together and hopefully we can toast with some Krone MCC.


  42. Sipping a cocktail at sunset, in the Maldives with my husband. (10yr wedding anniversary) That’s not something I’m going to forget for a while!!! What a year full of celebrations

  43. My absolute best day was May 16 when I got married to the most fantastic man imaginable!!! and what did we drink all day/night I must say is a whole load of Krone!!!! It wasn’t a traditional wedding,we had our ceremony outdoors and the theme was Medi-evil….. it was out in Maggaliesburg at a beautiful lodge and it was definitely the best day of my life!!!

  44. Without a doubt meeting my person! It’s not a single moment but meeting a generous, caring creative soul that never makes me apologise for my sense of humour has most certainly been my favourite part of 2015. Also a new awesome job didn’t hurt! 2015 has been a year to be reckoned with.

  45. This past year was a roller coaster for me however, the best and most pertinent thing to have happened to me this year, is that I discovered that I am happy with who I am. Yes I can always improve, lose some weight, gym more, eat healthier, be a better friend…I could go on. But I have found an inner peace with myself that I never knew I could achieve. It has been so incredibly freeing and I am so grateful I did the hard work to find it.

  46. My favourite memory – birthday brunch at the Potluck. I usually refuse to celebrate my birthday and spend it sulking and not answering my phone. This year I had the most PERFECT day with the best food and bottomless bubbly and really special friends, and brunch finished around 4am the next morning. It was lovely and I realised birthdays aren’t all that bad.

  47. My absolute best memory of 2015 only became that a few days ago! I heard that I’ve been accepted to study Photography in Cape Town next year! So I’m making the move there and hopefully a great future will start!

  48. The best memory that I will take from this year was my decision to finally move back to my hometown Durban (and stay put) after 10 years of living in Cape Town. This has not only given me one memory to be proud of, but countless more that are filled with the love and happiness you get when you are surrounded by those you love most on a daily.

  49. This year has been up and down, really good and really bad. It started with nearly getting divorced, but through many awful moments, we managed to hold it all together. My favourite part of this year was settling into our new home. Such a beautiful, healing and warm place to grow and find the fun in each other again. A great place to build on. Roll on 2016!

  50. Message

  51. Honestly the whole of 2015 was a total jam. From getting my dream job and a whole lot of self discovery. Previously I had some of the worst years and 2015 restored my faith in the universe as well as in myself. Now I will definitely toast to that.

  52. This wonderful! It’s great to be reminded of the year and all the fond memories, that I am so blessed. I have so many great memories that it is difficult to even narrow it down to a few…but the one that stands out for me is my daughter’s 11th Birthday Party and they joy in her face on the day….is an image I will never forget!

  53. My absolute most awesome moment this year was the afternoon of the 6th of July when our beautiful little girl Aliyah was born.. We celebrated this moment in hospital with bubbly…

  54. This year has been an absolutely insane year! From moving cities, changing jobs, planning a long distance wedding on a shoe string budget, getting married and then my husband having to have surgery. It might seem strange, but out of all the chaos and wonderful times, my best memory is my husband waking up after his surgery 3 days ago and looking at me full of love and reaching for my hand and not letting it go…

  55. Favourite memory of 2015 was becoming a MRS! Our wedding was more of a party especially seeing as we got married in a brewery (it was the best wedding I have EVER been to. If I do say so myself :P) and being married has just been jol. Cheers to that!

  56. My Best MEMORY of 2015 would be the day I moved back to my home town! i was feeling lost where I was and was not happy, since I would back i was only festive and now to celebrate being even more festive with a case of Krone bubbly it would make this year Magical!

  57. Message: Being with my dad ( from Holland ) of 93 years old at Krone. He was so proud having photo’s with the working lady’s in the cellar ! ! He still tels that story. I was so happy to share those moments with him.

  58. My gorgeous, radiant, intelligent and hard working 18yr old daughter decided that instead of going to her generic school matric dance, she wanted to host a private matric dinner dance and invite her nearest and dearest. Her parents (aka me) and a few of my friends were invited as well. It was such a success, such an elegant and joyous celebration of her school career with lots of laughs and what a joy to commemorate her years with her good mates and my friends, who’ve seen her grow up to be the amazing young woman she is today.

  59. My favourite memory is that I TRAVELED around the world! This was the best year of my life. I have amazing memories filled with dancing, drinking bubbles, meeting incredibly (life changing) people and just learning to appreciate life x

  60. 2015 was a truly great year in many ways. I do think the one memory that stands out was celebrating my first wedding anniversary with my husband in Ballito in April. It was such a magical and blissful week looking back at our first year as newly weds. I absolutely can’t wait to celebrate the many milestones and anniversaries to come with my best friend!

  61. Buying our first home and starting renovations in June, and getting married in my favourite place on earth (Hogsback) under the yellowwood trees in September!

  62. Giving birth to the most amazing, beautiful, funny, awesome human being ever!

  63. My fav memory of 2015 was the chilly day in June when I moved to Cape Town! Best decision I ever made.

  64. For the my best memory EVER has been moving into our first home as home owners this year 1 October! Hashtag goals!

  65. Typically, my best memory if 2015 is a meal. Or rather, centered around one. Lunch at the new La Colombe. Sitting next to my favourite person, views across the valley – and of course, exceptional wine. Celebrating all my favourite things at once.

  66. Best memory of this year was when I realised how much I have grown in the past year and that by being less hard on myself, I am now a lot happier from day to day.

  67. What a year 2015 has been and its almost over…so many wonderful things and occasions were celebrated along with some sad moments such as the loss of loved ones and friends, but my best memory of the year has to be my baby sister getting married to her true love on Tuesday, 15 Dec, after all the planning and wedding stresses and with her getting an eye infection the day before the wedding day, it was truly a special and most perfect day. She looked absolutely radiant and was truly happy and everyone had a fabulous time and partied the night away. We were all blessed that we could share this special day with her and her husband.

  68. What a sweet thread of comments to read through – I had a smile on my face reading through so many wonderful moments. Mine would be the birth of my son, and that first moment when my daughter met him. She was only 18 months old, but her complete delight at seeing this tiny little creature is something I’ll never forget. He’s now 10 months old, and she’s two, and they’re already becoming best friends.

  69. The most amazing memory for me is when we moved into our own home. The feeling of having your own home and making it your own will always be amazing to me for 2015

  70. My most amazing memory is when we moved into our own house. The feeling of having your own home was just awesome. Something to call your own

  71. Message

  72. Message. Winning a case of Krone Night Nectar ? will spice up my 2015

  73. My favourite memory of this year was getting my first job and then getting my first car. Many causes for celebration and the start to adulthood which is pretty scary, but wonderful at the same time. I have grown so much in the last year and my true friends have shone through which I am so grateful for. I’ve made some amazing new friends who I would love to share this amazing prize with. Cheers to the memories of 2015 and cheers to even more in 2016! I would love, love, love to win this.

  74. The best memory this year was on the 10th October 2015. A day that will forever be engraved in my heart❤️ My fiancé payed lobolo (dowry). To tell you a little about it, the groom’s family writes a letter to the bride’s family, asking for her hand in marriage. On the agreed date, the delegation from the groom’s family arrives and along with the bride’s uncles, discuss in private the amount (cash or cows) they would like according to traditions.

    Once the delegation from the groom’s side and bride’s side have agreed with the dowry, celebrations begin. We feast and drink to celebrate the joining of 2 families.

    Lobolo or dowry is to show and prove to the groom’s family as well as the bride’s family that the groom is old and responsible enough to head up a family of his own, by proving that he will be able to look after the wife and children.

    I plan to celebrate Christmas and New Years with my fiancé and family and what better way to toast to a great year that was. A year of thanks, a year of success and a year of filthy happiness as I call it.

  75. 2 very special memories for 2015 was the day I got the call that I was successful in getting my dream job after being re trenches since early 2015 and the other was watching my little 3 yr old perform in her very first Christmas concert…♡♡♡♡ both memories we celebrated with a bottle of Krone..since its my favourite 🙂

  76. My grandmother has been the most influential person in my life. Her way of sharing our French heritage and traditions was always expressed beautifully through her cooking. After passing away two years ago we’ve been on a journey bringing some of her most cherished items to South Africa.

    In June this year I moved into my first apartment and began unpacking all the boxes with a methodical furor. I lifted a mysteriously heavy box onto the counter and started digging through the newspaper and bubble wrap. What I found is a memory that will be a favourite for a lifetime: my grandmother’s casserole pot. The symbolism and flood of memories brought me to a standstill. Today, the casserole sits on my stove alongside my French recipe books and my grandmother’s soul will accompany every meal I make with love. I’d like to make a toast to my grandmother, and all other grandmothers, to thank them over a glass of champagne for the unconditional fountains of love that they are for their grandchildren.

  77. Message

  78. I had the privilege of having a few good memories this year. The one that stands out is the simple one of having a picnic in my back garden under the stars with my loved one.

  79. Hmm tough one. So many good memories. One of my favourite memories would be sitting in the beautiful Franschoek on a wine farm for my birthday weekend away. Just me and my favourite person and the welcoming views. Nothing beats relaxing away from the city buzz sipping on some good wine. ???

  80. 2015 has definitely had its ups and downs but mainly ups
    Some truly incredible people have come into my life and most certainly at the right time
    Most importantly 2015 has been enjoyed with friends and family and if I’m lucky enough to win this prize, the next family event will be at my place. With a few bottles of Krone 🙂

  81. favourite memory of the year must be when I got my promotion even though I never got a raise in money

  82. The highlight of my year – and my LIFE – was marrying my best friend, boyfriend of 6 years and now HUSBAND, in March.
    It was everything I hope it would be.
    A close second would be subsequently spending our honeymoon in Greece – got so many awesome tips from your trip there.
    BEST YEAR! ❤️

  83. Passing an exam a thought I was going to fail, making her my fiancé, Swartland & Hemel en Aarde wine fueled missions, wine missions in general. Hard to pick one memory when you feel you’re doing life right!

  84. My favourite memory for this year, well there are two huge contenders for first place, so I think it is a tie – watching my baby sister get married last weekend and moving to Cape Town! Love life <3

  85. It’s a three way tie between passing my final economics exam, getting my dream-right-now job and finding out my ex gets uglier every year – FUN!

    Love Krone and their new cork! xx

  86. Although it was quite recent, my favourite memory of 2015 was of my close-knit group of friends throwing me an early birthday slash Christmas party before they all leave for the holidays. Warm and fuzzy feels all over <3

  87. Mine would have to be going to rocking the diasies for the 1st time, dancing the nigh away with my favs was awesome 🙂

  88. 2015 has been quite a year…. I got a promotion at work, met my boyfriend, met amazing friends and later got a new job. Unfortunately as the year started winding down I lost my mom suddenly to a heart attack at the end of October and my whole world turned upside down.

    My mom was, like yours, my best friend and confidant. I miss her everyday. But my favourite memory of this year is actually the opportunity to remember all the special memories of her that have flooded back. Through all the sadness, the support and love from my friends and family – and above all the love that my sisters and I shared during the worst time of our lives.

  89. Best memory of 2015 was getting the Email confirmation that i am accepted to do my Master’s Degree in what i truly love saving our Environment. Must i say that it was only me of nearly 200 students that worked hard through the year in getting the proposal ready and submitted. This still needs to be celebrated….!!

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