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The difference between 25 and 27

I’m not talking about the obvious difference, which is 24 months. I’m talking about the small little differences that you can’t see with the naked eye. Like probably, when you’re 25, you would never, just by looking at a 27 year old, know the struggles of their life.

I’m 27 years and 4 months old right now and I sometimes wish that I could go back in time and whisper in my 25 year old ear “drink more alcohol this is the best time of your life hangovers will never be this painless again”. But I can’t because this is reality.

Here I am at 25. So thin and so young.
Here I am at 25. So thin and so young. Terrible eyebrows though.

Since turning 27, a few things have changed so much yet so subtly that I am sometimes shaken to the core by my own self. My skin, my body, my capacity for bullshit, my interest in indoor plants and even my sleeping pattern. Being 27 is just all round very different from being 25.

To be honest, this all snuck up on me. Because even though I obviously always knew I would get old, I didn’t think that *I* would ever get old, you know? Like it couldn’t happen to me, surely? And I definitely didn’t expect it to happen so quickly. One day I was in my mid-20’s and now I’m almost 30.

25 vs 27


When I was 25, my skin was as close to flawless as it was ever going to be. It had no lines. Not even around my eyes. And when I was finished smiling, my face would bounce back into it’s pre-smile state. The smile lines wouldn’t hang around for the next 20 minutes like some kind of needy creep. Now, at 27, if I get surprised once during the day my forehead just can’t recover and I look surprised for the next 24 hours.


Back in the good old days (age 25), I could decide to lose some weight and then do it. It was pretty much that easy. If I added exercise into the mix I was basically sculpting a work of art. I would drink green juice for breakfast for 3 days and practically be bikini ready. At 27, I only just realised that I can never again enjoy God’s gifts of food and wine without it affecting my body – negatively.

I’ve been working out like a woman possessed for a month, while still enjoying my daily glass(es) of wine and a relatively decadent diet JUST LIKE I ALWAYS USED TO. But unlike I always used to, I haven’t lost any weight at all. Suddenly, I’m having to figure my body out like I had to during puberty. I don’t know how to drive this thing!


When I was younger my top tips for sleeping included “lie down” and “close your eyes”. These days the long list includes helpful hints like “stay awake until your eyes start to burn and tear up uncontrollably (9:30pm probably) then quickly make your way to your bed and hope for the best” and “insert ear plugs, apply eye mask, ingest Rescue Remedy and practice calming breathing exercises until sleep comes”. Alternatively, make arrangements to go out. This is a sure way to increase your exhaustion levels by a thousand.

These days, if I’m not practically napping on my dinner plate I am lying in bed until 2am worried about not getting enough sleep. And then, no sooner has sleep come, than something wakes me up. At 25, I prided myself on my ability to sleep through anything that wasn’t a direct hit from a meteor. These days, if my neighbour so much as opens their fridge I’m wide awake for two hours.

Going out

At 25, the urge to go out was a burning desire. I wanted to be everywhere, most of the time. I wanted to see people and be seen by people. It was so much fun! Getting ready and dressing up. I mean, I was willing to stand out on Harrington Street in a queue, at night, to get into Assembly.

These days, going out requires much planning and a lot of internal pep talks. I need to be emotionaly and mentally prepared. Most often, I find myself resentfully applying makeup as I call an Uber, wishing I could be spending the night at home instead. Once I’m out, I keep checking the time so I can leave at a respectable hour to go home and watch Netflix.


At 25, my hobbies included going out and partying. These days, I’d list DIY and gardening as two of my most pleasurable activities. Most of the money I used to spend going out, goes to home decor, plants and the local Lawn care companies California. Other hobbies include drinking in the daytime instead of at night, cooking for friends and rearranging my house.

Leaving the house

At 25, I’d rush out, no matter the state of the house. “I’ll tidy up later”, “I’ll make the bed later”, “I’ll put every single item of clothing I own back into the closet when I get back”. I could close the door to my house and it would be out of mind, no matter the pieces of pizza trapped between the couch cushions. Now, I have to tidy the entire house, pack the dishwasher, wipe down the surfaces and sweep the floor before I leave if I intend to have a good day.


Possibly the worst part about being not-25. Where hangovers used to be an unavoidable yet manageable part of partying back in BTS (before twenty seven), they are now an unimaginable horror that I actively avoid. Shots? No thanks! There’s no way that thimble of cheap tequila and it’s accompanying dance floor confidence is worth the hell it will rain down upon me tomorrow.

The mild headache and powerful thirst hangovers of my early 20’s have been replaced with body aches, a pounding head, nausea and crippling regret. Not to mention the fact that these symptoms last well into the second day post-party. The two day hangover is real, 25 year olds and it’s worse than you can imagine.


You know what used to make me feel excited? The thought of a night out. Music festivals. Free tickets to see a band I like. You know what excites me now? Buying new gardening equipment. Is that sad? Maybe, but I don’t care. Not now I’m 27. I’m proud to say that I’m currently saving up for a leaf blower. This Ryobi RY40402A Super Powerful Cordless Jet Fan Blower Review has got me so excited and it’s definitely going to be my next purchase. My garden (and my roof since I can now actually clean it properly) is going to be a leaf-free zone and I won’t have to pick a rake up ever again. You might think that that sounds crazy – but do you know how much it costs to repair a roof gutter that has been clogged with leaves?? I didn’t until about a month ago, but luckily I was able to hire the services of a company like Clean Pro Gutter Cleaning NJ to help keep my gutters clean and now I don’t have to worry about water damage or anything! Oh boy, it’s exciting being an adult. Do you know what else excites me? Being in bed before 9pm. These are the things of the late-20’s.

Here I am at 27. Gardening. I didn't go out on Friday night. I spent all day Saturday gardening. And I loved it.
Here I am at 27. Gardening. I didn’t go out on Friday night. I spent all day Saturday gardening. And I loved it. My friend told me about some different storage facilities where you can store your own things, so I’ve even been looking at a lawn-mower! Have a look around at different companies and visit website before you decide on which one you would choose.

If this is 27, I’m interested to see how 30 feels. One thing is for sure though, I’m definitely going to have to relook my diet and skincare regimen.

Are you currently older than 27 and did this all sneak up on you like it snuck up on me?


  1. The secret is to be so busy living and enjoying life, that you forget how old you actually are until your GP suggests that you’re now of age to have your bone density checked to avoid oesteoporosis, and you recoil in horror as that test is for “old people”.

  2. I’m 22 and feel the same way about going out as you do now ?

  3. Ha! Loved this. Thirty is way worse. Some days I don’t even dress. Today I counted a swim as my shower and brushed my teeth only because I got told to. Basically, am reverting to being a child again.

  4. I have good news! Most of my (our)friends feel better, look better and think better at THIRTY TWO than they ever have before. Yes, the hangovers and general life worries are there but you have the benefit of experience to know what you want and can afford to get it.

  5. Ha! 50 is THE WORST! Weight loss is a fantasy, sleep needs meds, going out is just too much!

  6. I’ve just turned 26 and have been several of the 27 year old things for a while now. I went to the lecreuset customer evening last night and only had half a half glass of champagne….sigh….I’m lucky with the skin issue because people think I’m only 19! Even when I’m 29 I will tell people I’m in my mid 20s! Here’s to growing wiser not older 🙂

  7. Ha! I hear you… but try being 34 when your 19 year old self sneaks up on you and convinces you that tequila shots are a great idea! My biggest thing, is that I wished I’d loved my body more when it was skinnier – or at least acknowledged it as that. Which makes me think I should just accept it now, as it is probably of the best it’ll be before I hit 35 and downwards next year!
    ps. Thirty is the best year – so you have a lot to look forward to x

  8. “Other hobbies include drinking in the daytime”

    I will include that in my small talk arsenal, if you don’t mind.

    And I’m 25 and feel like 40 most of the time but then I married a man with kids and became a soccer mum at the age of 21…

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