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The Most Interesting People I Know Podcast

Ever since I first started listening to podcasts, I’ve wanted to have my own. But starting a podcast can be a lot like starting a blog ie. overwhelming. How do you decide on a theme? Is it going to be just you talking about your life, or are you going to be telling stories? Are you going to interview people and if so, what’s your angle? Are you going to record it in studio, or are you planning on using your iPhone? What kind of editing and production are you going to have and more importantly, who’s going to do it?

People are always asking me “how do I become a blogger?” and my answer is always the same; Just start a blog. Stick to your own unique voice and write about what you find interesting. So I took my own advice and started a podcast. Of course, it was more complicated than I had anticipated. But once I’d decided on a theme, had a logo designed, built a website, started social media accounts and invested in the right equipment, I could finally record my first episode.

And so, The Most Interesting People I Know, a podcast about everyday people with the most interesting stories, was born. I was going to call it “Interesting People I Know” – but that name had already been taken. On the podcast, you’ll hear the stories of ordinary people who have done the most interesting things, live the most interesting lives and have the most interesting stories to tell.

The Most Interesting People I Know Podcast


I’ve always loved asking questions. I’ve made my grandma tell the story about how she and my grandpa met at least 20 times. I will listen to a furniture buyer talk about her creative process, enthralled. I’ll ask a doctor about the new equipment advances in kidney transplants like I know what he’s talking about.

It’s this inquisitive personality that has lead me to the stories of LBGT film producers in Kenya, an all-female group of private detectives on a Safari holiday in Cape Town, residents who grew up on the inside of South Africa’s Apartheid era and many more of the most interesting people I know.

Because every person I meet has an interesting story. And I want to tell it.

Ep 1: Theodora Lee

In episode 1, I interviewed local Youtuber Theodora Lee. She’s an advice and lifestyle vlogger, writer and an emerging young creative. In 2016, she travelled to LA when she was nominated for a Nickelodeon Kids Choice Award for best African blog. Her Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat accounts offer a super-candid look at her life and on her YouTube channel, she offers advice on everything from having sex for the first time and it not living up to scenes from adult sites like full tube, to dealing with strict parents.

Ep 2: Vera Patmore

In episode 2, I had the opportunity to interview my 89 year old grandma. Vera Patmore has experienced a 60 year marriage, lived through the 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and now the 2000’s. She’s given birth to 4 children, seen the birth of 6 grandchildren, been blessed with 7 great-children and 4 step-great grandchildren, owned a hotel, travelled far and wide, lost all her money, made it all back again, experienced immense loss and lived to tell the tale. Most importantly, she’s been around for my whole life. She’s my mom’s mom. She’s my nana.

For now, I’ll be sharing a new episode every month. It takes a lot of time to write the script, record the interview and edit the episode. Hopefully the show will have a sponsor within this year, and I’ll be able to record more episodes, more frequently.

To stay up to date with episodes, you can follow @themostIPIKpod on Twitter or like our Facebook page, The Most Interesting People I Know Podcast. You can also sign up for our newsletter on the website, to have the next episode delivered straight to your inbox.

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