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My Hair Secret: Clipin Hair

Over the past 18 months, my hair has been through a lot. It’s been dark and very blonde and several shades of pink…and everything in between. It’s been bleached and colour treated and heat styled pretty relentlessly. I like experimenting, what can I say?

Very blonde for Bali
Very pink for Spring
A different shade of pink

My stylist (ask for Carlos, at Scar) is incredible and he manages to balance saying yes to all my crazy ideas with protecting my hair from damage as best he can. But eventually, all that processing took its toll, and I was left with a head of dry, split ends. The only way to save it, was to sacrifice it.

Short and natural

I closed my eyes, grit my teeth, and was left with a basic bob, a close-as-possible-to-natural colour and tears in my eyes. Carlos made me promise to lay off on the chemicals and the heat and just let my hair rest for a while.

Two weeks of good behaviour and I was bored. There’s not much to do with short hair when you can’t even use a hot iron. So I did some research and found Clipin Hair. They’re a Cape Town-based company that sells quality hair extensions that are easy to clip in and out. They’ve got over 15 shades to choose from, ranging from silver blonde to jet black.

Clipin extensions in a bun

I know some people think it’s weird to “wear someone else’s hair”, but I’m not one of them at all. My Clipin Hair makes me feel feminine and confident and I love it! Plus, no one ever knows it’s not all my own hair. Unless I tell people, they’d never guess. The extensions are super easy to clip in yourself, and just as easy to remove – even when you get home late and are too lazy to take your makeup off.

Two plaits to keep it tidy at AfrikaBurn
Hair down in the Yarra Valley
In a plait on Rovos Rail

They look really natural and I love creating different styles with them. They’re easy to heat style or wear down, in plaits, or tied up. I got the Toffee Blonde shade, which matches my hair perfectly. I went in to match my colour in their salon, but it’s super easy to pick them out online and have them delivered right to your door.

Clipin Hair have loads of video tutorials on their website, so you can learn how to put them in and style them in your own time. I took mine to the salon so that Carlos could style them and cut them a little shorter and I recommend you do the same – don’t try cutting them at home yourself!

If you’re keen to get your hands on a set of Clipin Hair for yourself, use my code “MermaidsSayWhat” to get 10% off!

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  1. I so love all you styles & colours! Thanx for sharing about Clipin. I’m super keen to try it. x

  2. Nats, I have clip ins that needs repair at the clips (they are coming apart) can they do that.. ALSO where do I order the online colour? I need to colour my extensions! xx

    1. Hello! Chat to them about the clips, I’m pretty sure they can help! Apparently it’s not really advisable to colour them, but if you need to, I’d go to a salon and have a pro do it.

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