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5 Great Documentaries to Watch Right Now

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Round about this time last year I shared this list of 8 amazing documentaries to watch while you try to keep warm. If you’ve already made your way through them all, I want to be best friends. If not, it’s never too late to start. It’s winter again and guess what? I’m back in my “I just want to stay home and watch great documentaries” mindset. I’ve watched some seriously good documentary TV recently, so grab your tiny Apple TV remote that’s probably missing right now because who makes a TV remote that tiny – in failing that, you may need to look at getting a replacement remote – and settle down cause I’ve got a list of 5 great documentaries to watch right now. Whilst these are some of my favorite documentaries, it’s also important to try and find some documentaries from people who are aspiring to get into the industry. By viewing original documentaries from smaller producers, you can help spread the word about their work, hopefully improving their chances of making it big and getting their work into local theatres to be screened. These aspiring filmmakers put a lot of work into their documentaries, with some of them even following a DCP tutorial to ensure they have professional looking advertisements at the start of their work. So, whilst it’s good to watch the more well-known documentaries that I’m going to recommend, it’s also important to try and find some less-viewed ones too.

5 Great Documentaries to Watch Right Now

Monica & David

This heartwarming love story is about David and Monica, two adults with Down syndrome. It’s a romantic, comedic story about a couple in love who want what other adults want – to live together in their own home. Their supportive parents try to give them as much freedom as possible while dealing with the realities that face two people with disabilities in a world that is hard enough to navigate for people without disabilities. It made me laugh and cry, which gives it a 10/10 in my book.

Watch it with: It’s a great movie to watch by yourself or with a friend or partner

Aspergers Are Us

This hilarious movie made me feel warm inside and made me want to be friends with the protagonists. It follows Aspergers Are Us, a comedy troupe with, you guessed it, Aspergers, as they prepare for the final and biggest comedy show of their comedic careers before heading their separate ways. Their sense of humour and approach to comedy is a joy to watch. It’s a valuable insight into what makes the sense of humour of people with Aspergers so unique. People who have Asperger’s go through a lot with their syndrome, depression can come along with that just like everyone else, luckily humour can be found in day to day life and these comedians prove that. This article here discusses how people with Asperger’s syndrome deal with depression and how it can be different than others.

Watch it with: Anyone with a quirky sense of humour

Life According to Sam

I’m normally loath to refer to someone as “inspirational”, but this film is all about people who embody the word. Sam Berns was born with Progeria – an incredibly rare rapid ageing disease that only affects around 250 people on earth. His parents, both medical doctors, learn about his diagnosis when he is two years old and from that moment on, dedicate their lives to finding the disease’s cause and more importantly – a cure. Sam is just a walking talking ball of potential. He’s smart and funny, popular and talented. His loving parents are just so moving to watch. The way they love and fight for their son had me in fits of tears, sobbing so loud my boyfriend heard me from downstairs.

Watch it with: Someone you don’t mind seeing your ugly cry face

How to Dance in Ohio

A group of autistic teenagers and young adults are learning to understand facial expressions, emotions and how to engage with others at a recreational centre. Now, they will put their learnings into practice at the much-anticipated spring formal. It’s eye-opening to see how people with autism literally don’t understand some of the most “basic” human interactions, like how to ask someone to dance – interactions that people take for granted on a daily basis. These young adults are sweet and funny and interesting people and the movie is really educational. I will always love learning about how people on the spectrum see the world, so that I can also learn how to interact with them in a way that makes them most comfortable.

Watch it with: Anyone who is interested in human behaviour

The Imposter

A 13-year-old boy disappears in Texas. Three years later he’s supposedly found – in Spain, with dark hair (he used to be blonde), a French accent (he’s American), brown eyes (he used to have blue eyes) and a wild story about kidnapping, torture and an escape. His sister immediately flies to Spain to reunite with him. What follows is an INSANE story about lies and hidden secrets. It’s a must, must, must watch. This better end up in the “great documentaries hall of fame”.

Watch it with: Literally anyone, as long as you watch it

Watching documentaries is such a fantastic way to learn about the world. Plus, nowadays, if you cannot afford to pay for premium channels or streaming services, you can even find a huge range of documentaries on YouTube for free! A lot of people I know Use YouTube to watch TV for free so do not be afraid to take a look to see if you can find anything worth watching. Also, do let me know if you need a doctor’s note so you can binge-watch. If you have any other great documentaries to suggest, please drop them in the comments below.