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June 30, 2016   /   bynatalie  / Categories :  Food & Wine
Mulberry & Prince Cape Town

While I have a very definite catalogue of my favourite places to eat in Cape Town, I’m always ready to try a new restaurant, bar, coffee shop, juice bar or basically any establishment selling anything edible. Recently there have been so many new spots opening that it’s been hard to keep up, but I do my best. I’ve always been really excited by the food scene here in Cape Town, especially now as more places are taking brunch – a highly under-appreciated mealtime – more seriously.

Here are a few of Cape Town’s hottest new spots to up your calorie intake this winter.

Mulberry & Prince

What I ordered: A selection of almost everything on the menu

While they got loads of hype for their beautiful decor upon opening, their food has been getting rave reviews too. I went with some friends for a group dinner and we ordered almost everything on the menu. Described as “New-American-style” cuisine, their food is rich and yummy and it helps that you’re eating it in a supremely gorgeous restaurant. The menu is quite meat-heavy, and I should have ordered some lighter options between all the richness, but I find it difficult to control myself.

Contact: 021 422 3301 (booking is essential)

Where: 12 Pepper Street

ASH Restaurant

What I ordered: Bread with butter and whipped chicken fat, pig’s head scrumpets, beef tartare, ribeye steak, bone marrow mash, duck with beetroot, lemon meringue pie, lots of wine

The best part about this restaurant is that it comes as a package deal; a combination of Cape Town’s finest wine bar, best butchery and now, one of its most stylish restaurant. Situated within Publik Wine Bar, and serving Frankie Fenner meat, ASH is the perfect place to sample the best of Cape Town’s best. We ordered a few things on the menu to share and it was all really good. The food is rich, so come hungry. I made the same mistake of ordering all the richest food on the menu, so I’m really going to need to learn to pace myself.

My favourite part about the night was the wine pairing. We asked Publik’s owner David Cope to recommend something that would pair with our order, and he brought three light reds to the table for us to taste – without telling us what they were. Naturally, we ended up favouring what turned out to be the most expensive one. The great thing is that we enjoyed an exceptional bottle of Pinot Noir that we might not have ordered if left to our own devices, but were more than happy to cough up for. It’s also a great way to select from their menu, since they only pour rare and unique wines, which you’re likely to have never tried before.

Contact: 021 424 7204 (booking is essential)

Where: 81 Church Street

Shortmarket Club

What I ordered: I was at the huge opening party, so I only got a small taste of what’s on offer in a party environment. I’ve booked a table for July so I can try a more substantial selection. 

Shortmarket Club is the latest venture of cult chef Luke Dale-Roberts, so you know it can’t go wrong. The decor is rich and dark and very old-English style and they are serving brunch, which I am very excited about!

Contact: 021 447 2874/ (booking is essential)

Where: 88 Shortmarket Street

Little Saint

What I ordered: TBA

The Cape Town restaurants scene works in one way and one way only: Word of mouth. I’ve heard from numerous friends that Little Saint is worth visiting, so I can’t wait to try it. A Spanish chef with classical French training and experience cooking in the UK, serving homestyle, nutritious food sounds good to me.

Contact: 021 422 1135
Where: 223 Bree Street, Cape Town

Villa 47

What I ordered: TBA

As I just said, Cape Town restaurants live and die by word of mouth, and so far, I’ve heard mixed reviews about Villa47. According to some, food is small and overpriced. Others have said that the food is delicious and they’ve been back several times. The only way for me to judge is to try it for myself. Have you been?

Contact: 021 418 2740/
Where: 47 Bree Street


What I ordered: A selection of brunch items, including oysters and a glass of bubbly

While the rest of the Old Biscuit Mill implodes on a Saturday morning, Naturalis is a great place to enjoy a very civilised brunch. It’s also a great place to get a taste of chef Luke Dale-Roberts’ (yes, LDR of The Test Kitchen, Pot Luck Club and Shortmarket Club) fare, especially if you can never get a booking at any of his other restaurants. I’ve heard good things about their weekday lunches, which I’m yet to try, but can highly recommend a Saturday breakfast.

Contact: They don’t take bookings, so just arrive early to get a seat
Where: Old Biscuit Mill


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    ndemi / 05 Jul

    I tend to like Naturalis

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    Merel / 20 Jul

    Little Saint, i’ve been there once, pretty good.

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