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Sussex House – Creating Our First Home

Sussex Studios Woodstock Cape Town Studio Apartments

This post is going to feel monumentally long because it’s so full of photos. Turns out Keenan and I bought our little Woodstock apartment exactly 111 weeks ago. I know because that’s when I posted the first photo of the space. Completely bare and deceptively tiny-looking. We’ve come a long way since then. We’ve spent a lot of hours and money transforming it from an empty shell into an actual home. Proof that with enough plants and parents who you can borrow a bit of cash from, anything is possible.

This post was so fun to put together because it gave me the opportunity to look back at some of the big and small changes we’ve made over the past two years. I feel like we’ve done so much! Some renovations were smart and some were monumentally stupid. But they were all really fun to do. I hope this post gives you some inspiration!

Look at that empty shell! From this photo, it looks like you’d never be able to fit two lives into the space. But it feels much bigger with stuff in, surprisingly!

Since this picture, I’ve given away about ten more black bags worth of stuff! Where does it all come from?!

So excited to be working from my own little home office.

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It’s funny cause I only really spend a couple of days a week working here. I try to get out to coffee shops a few times a week. Otherwise I work from the kitchen table, the couch, the daybed…

The kitchen set-up has stayed largely the same over time. The best part about it is the natural light, which makes for some great photography opportunities for food and flatlays.

Have yet to eat a single breakfast at this “breakfast bar”…

The wolf that watches over us. Woodstock.

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He’s still there and I still love him.

So excited to be building our room divider bookshelf today! Love a bit of DIY on a public holiday.

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Whoa! This is crazy to look back at now! We’ve maximised the space by building a loft bed, which you can see towards the bottom of this post.

On my blog today: A spot of DIY with Builders Warehouse. Plus a competition to win paint for your whole house!

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Love a little public holiday lie-in ❤️ 

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Looking back it this I can’t believe how much I hate the colours! So much red and not nearly enough white. It makes the space feel so cramped!

We put up our new lights 💡💡💡

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Girly Sunday lunch while @keenanmulvaney is away 🍴

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Babycat has a new favourite spot.

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This was a monumentally stupid idea. Not long after this photo was taken, I woke up in the middle of the night to what I thought was someone axe murdering me. Turns out it was just the shelf falling down on my face, giving me a cut and bruised cheek.

This Coricraft Bergen couch has found a place in our home. Obsessed would be mild.

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This couch is still one of my favourite things in the house. The compact style really suits the space. You can order it online here.

It’s a jungle in here 🌴

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Slowly but surely turning our house into a greenhouse 🌱🍃🌿

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Another terrible idea. Still looking for plants that can grow in relative darkness, never seeing the natural light of day, with steam hitting it at least once a day…

This was a good idea. I love having the pots displayed like this – even if our first Airbnb guests did scratch them to hell.


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Little did I know the cats would use this cute little garden as their own personal toilet…

A windless night in Woodstock is a beautiful thing 🙌

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Budget, paint colors, which plants can survive wind…I’ve gained some knowledge during this project.

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Now THIS was a good idea. It basically gave us a whole new room to play with.

My desk is a much better place to work now that my framed @swainhoogervorst paintings are hanging above it.

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I mean, it looks great. Still don’t really use it as my office though…

Jungle house 🌴😍🌴 #apartmenttherapy #studioapartment #loftapartment #industrialapartment

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Shame these died very shortly after this was taken. Think I was misinformed about them being indoor plants.

Tiny piece of Morocco in Woodstock 🐪

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One dinner party coming up 🍾🍽

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Wish it could be Friendsmas all over again 🎄(besides for the cleaning up after part)

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Got a new daybed so I guess you’ll see me in about 12 weeks 📚

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Home is where the daybed is ❤️

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I’ve got a new post coming up, detailing our makeover – from plans to budget and suppliers, so keep an eye out! We’re celebrating two years in our new home this weekend and my heart is so warm thinking about it.

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  1. I can’t believe we’ve gone through so much with our home <3 I've loved building it with you


  3. You’ve done a beautiful job, loved seeing this 🙂

  4. I love this. So cool seeing how the space went from a shell to an expression of your style. Also, kind of obsessed with your aesthetic! xxx

  5. So so so cool to see how the space evolved. You go girl! Love the loads of plants. Is it still up for rent on AirBnb? xxx