Reunion Island From The Sky (Shot On The DJI Spark)

November 8, 2017   /   bynatalie  / Categories :  Travel

I’ve wanted a drone since DJI first changed the world of aerial photography with their Phantom. But I just couldn’t justify the price of a big drone when I knew that I was most likely not going to lug it around in its own special backpack – especially when I’m already lugging around a DSLR and a couple of lenses and often a GoPro too. I was worried I’d end up never using it. Enter the DJI Spark – the smallest DJI drone yet. I took it with me to Reunion Island and it’s so small that I carried it all over the island – even on a two-day hike. Check out my video of Reunion from the sky, shot on my DJI Spark.

Reunion Island From The Sky (Shot On The DJI Spark)

What I love about the DJI Spark

riviere langevin reunion island

how to get to reunion island from south africa

  • At just under R14 000 for the FlyMore Combo kit from WeFix, the Spark is probably the most affordable drone on the market for its class
  • It weighs just 300 grams and fits in the palm of your hand
  • When my Spark is in its bag with all its accessories, I can still fit in my handbag or backpack
  • I can take it all over, and I’ve made really good use of it (which was my main concern with the bigger drones)
  • I learned to fly it by watching a couple of YouTube videos and had it in the air on the day I got it
  • It shoots video in 1080p and images in 12 megapixels
  • The FlyMore Combo kit comes with a remote control, which makes flying really easy to handle
  • The Spark has intelligent features like “return to home” which brings the drone back to you if you’re about to run out of battery
  • The Spark is much less noisy and conspicuous than the bigger models, which makes flying it in public spaces less awkward (people normally don’t even notice)
  • The Spark has a “gesture mode”, which means you can technically fly it without even using a remote or a smartphone (I haven’t used this feature yet)
  • It’s the easiest way to get pictures that you’re actually in!

I got my DJI Spark from my partners at WeFix, who sell and fix all DJI models. In fact, WeFix is the best place to get your phone fixed too. If a drone is something you’ve been lusting after, I highly recommend you put the DJI Spark on your Christmas wish list.


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    Charlene / 09 Nov

    We just came back from our trip there and this was really great to watch and relive some of the moments – beautiful video!

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    Maud and Jonas / 09 Nov

    Nice video ! We are also thinking about getting a drone – the shots of Reunion Island from above are just insane ! Good job 😀

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