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New project: Discovering #franscHHoek

I’ve always loved the Franschhoek Valley and I recently got to spend a couple of days there, discovering some of the many delicious food and wine offerings this plentiful valley has to offer. This was a work/pleasure journey, since I was there to gather content for an exciting new project I’ve been working on with Destinate, Flow SA and the Franschhoek Tourism Board.

Introducing Franschhoek’s new blog. A place where stories and pictures from the valley can be shared. Where the multiple layers of this stunning valley are uncovered in interesting, photo-heavy blog posts to inspire local and international visitors to explore and stay in one of South Africa’s most beautiful wine regions.

The blog launched on Friday last week with a bank of content that Flow and I have created over the past few weeks. My first two posts are live, so click through to see what I loved eating and drinking in Franschhoek.

Wine-tasting your way through Franschhoek

“While the natural beauty, fascinating locals and gourmet food vie for your attention, the highlight of the Franschhoek Valley is, undeniably, the wine.

With a history dating back to the French Huguenots, Franschhoek’s wine culture is just that, a culture. Food and wine form an integral part of many social gatherings in South Africa, and in Franschhoek this is taken to a whole ’nother level.

You could easily spend weeks sipping your way from farm to farm, admiring the views of the mountains and eating course after course of gourmet deliciousness. I spent three days in the valley, meeting with winemakers and farm owners to find out what it is that makes it such a special wine region.” – read more on blog.franschhoek.org.za

A foodie tour through Franschhoek

“Hidden in the corner of the La Cotte wine shop in the centre of town, Fromages de France is a cheese shop that will transport your taste buds straight to the cheese boards of France.

Owners Lodine Maske and her husband Ludwig are passionate about good cheese. So passionate is Lodine, in fact, that a few years ago, when Ludwig confessed that he didn’t see the appeal of French cheese, she packed their bags and took him all the way to France to sample the flavours of the French fromages.

Their cheese counter is stocked with a variety of around 125 French cheeses – most I’d never even heard of before – that they have selected for quality and flavour, and imported exclusively from French suppliers, who took months to be won over.” – read more on blog.franschhoek.org.za