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India In Pictures: Part 1

One of my favourite things about travelling, is reminiscing once I get back home. Rummaging through slips and pamphlets collected along the way. Looking through photos. Remembering. 
It’s been four months since I got back from the three week trip to India and I’ve been looking through my pictures and aching, just aching to go back. 
Here are a few pictures from the thousands that I took. I haven’t edited them. I just want to give you a little bit of a different perspective on Mumbai and Kerala. 
Dabawala, Mumbai

Dabawala’s packing for their daily delivery – Mumbai

Ghandi’s personal libraby, Ghandi Museum – Mumbai
Mumbai Streets
Dhobi Ghat, Mumbai’s huge outdoor laundromat – Mumbai
Entrance to the Catholic Church – Bandra, Mumbai

Wild cat – Mumbai

Angel from up above, my tour guide, Lakshmi – Mumbai

Local fishermen – Mumbai

Outside a small church – Mumbai

Sea Link Bridge – Mumbai
Wave hunting – Kerala
Soul & Surf crew – Kerala

Snake Charmer – Kerala

Store Owner – Kerala

Banana variety – Kerala

Home made feast with Kumari – Kerala

Indian Ocean from Varkala North Cliff – Kerala

Soul & Surf Garden – Kerala

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