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Reunion Island: Six Pictures From Day 1 #gotoReunion

I’m in Reunion Island right now for a week of sightseeing, people meeting and food eating. We arrived on the island early last night after flying via Johannesburg and Mauritius from Cape Town. We’re staying in B&B in Saint Gilles, just a two minute walk from the beach and about a five minute walk from the tourist area with restaurants and bars. 
The water is warm and crystal clear and the food is amazing! I’ve fallen hard for the local Dodo beer and a tequila/beer called Desperados. Last night we had a plate of the most delicious Creole foods; samoosas, deep fried cheese and falafels, with chilli sauce at a bar called Coco Beach, right on the beach.
Reunion is a department of France and the currency is the Euro, but the prices aren’t European. A beer will cost you around the same price as in Cape Town and if you eat local French/Creole food you can expect to spend around 7 Euro on a meal of beers and local food. The island is 200 km from Mauritius and a 3,5 hour flight from Joburg.
The people all speak French and since mine is absolutely non-existent I break out in a panic every time anyone so much as greets me. But the locals are very friendly and welcoming and all speak English to us if they can. 
This morning we walked around Saint Gilles, did some swimming in the lagoon and basically just basked in the glory of this beautiful place. We’re off to explore a bit more this afternoon and try to find some local music this evening. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram for running updates. PS, My first thoughts so far: I promise you, you want to #gotoReunion.
Street Art in Saint Gilles. 

So many shades of blue and crystal clear water.

The middle of winter and 26 degrees.

Look at that water! 

Madagascan crab with vanilla, ginger and garlic. 

View from Le Bobine in Saint Gilles.


  1. Awesome! I love Mauritius but it’s getting far too expensive! This may just be a better option. Enjoy the rest of your time there.

  2. Stunning. So full of life and colour!

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