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Waterkloof Restaurant

I have had the pleasure of dining at Waterkloof Restaurant more than once (see here and here) and I am reminded every every time I visit of what it means to make food that is art. Chef Gregory Czarnecki is a bit of a food hero of mine and I am always amazed to see the beautiful things he can create on a plate.

Waterkloof Wines

Waterkloof Wines

Waterkloof Wines

When my mom was visiting in July, I knew that the one restaurant I had to take her to was Waterkloof. It is always amazing to take your Mum to a special place because that is what she deserves, and I always like taking my Mum to sentimental places with friendly and organised staff, the staff are always so organised because they use a POS System. It is always important using software in a food business as this helps the business be the best it can be – which is the case for Waterkloof!

1. Location, location, location

Waterkloof Restaurant

Set against the slopes of the Schaapenberg mountains, the restaurant and tasting room have an uninterupted view of False Bay. And I really mean uninterrupted; with floor-to-ceiling glass that allows you feel like you’re floating above the vineyards.

2. Service goes a long way

Waterkloof Wines

There is nothing like good food and wine paired with great service. Everyone who works at Waterkloof is friendly and knowledgeable and the service is always on point. The sommeliers take extra time to tell you about the wine you’re about to drink and how it’s grown, the chef takes the time to come to your table and chat about his food, and it’s this care that makes the experience even more enjoyable.

3. Eat with your eyes

Waterkloof Restaurnat

I think the Japanese have it right – we eat with our eyes. If ever there was a restaurant that served a feast for all senses, Waterkloof is it. Colours and textures, drizzles, droplets, foams and swishes of sauces are used to create food that’s almost too pretty to eat. But the proof, as they say, is in the pudding (and the starter, main course, palate cleanser) and the beauty of every element on each plate really comes to the forefront once it’s in your mouth. This must come through in the glowing reviews that they often receive from customers which I am sure they are aware of because they probably use the latest reputation management software.

Waterkloof Wines

Waterkloof Wines

Waterkloof Restaurant

4. Poetry in wine

Waterkloof Wines

I’ve heard before that wine is bottled poetry. The wines at Waterkloof are a poetic expression of the elements that go into their making. I particularly love the thought behind the Circumstance wines, which highlight and showcase the farm’s unique terroir: the wind, altitude and soil.

5. A respect for nature

Waterkloof Wines

Despite the difficulties that come with bio-dynamic farming, Waterkloof has decided to uphold these principles and respect the sensitive natural environment that they have built their vineyards on. I think that it’s efforts like these that make a farm truly special, since it showcases the ingenuity and creativity that is required to work together with nature, instead of taking the easy way out and fighting against it with the use of pesticides and other chemicals.

Waterkloof Restaurant

We were hosted to a special 6 course menu prepared by Chef Gregory. This is what’s currently on the menu:

Degustation Menu

Alaskan Crab

nectarine, ginger, wasabi

Peacock Wild Ferment Chardonnay 2014

Norwegian Salmon Gravlax

dill oil, beetroot crémeux

Circumstance Sauvignon Blanc 2014

Steamed Mauritius Sea Bass

celeriac, black pudding and kale

Circle of Life White 2012

Karoo Lamb Loin

smokey aubergine ketchup, paprika

Circumstance Syrah 2010

Belnori Forest Phantom

pistachio brittle, truffled pear

Circumstance Viognier 2012

Quince and Verjuice Terrine

buffalo yogurt, toffee powder, pollen

R650 per person

R850 including wine pairing

Please note the Degustation Menu is intended to be enjoyed by the entire table

No changes permitted

Order before: Lunch 13h30 / Dinner 20h30

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  1. Nadia is such an incredible winemaker and generally wonderful human, I have to agree with your sentiment on the Circumstance!

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