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Staying Inspired

Sometimes having a blog can get a little lonely and every now and then it can feel like you’re shouting into the wind, only to have your words blown away. It’s often super fun and creatively stimulating, but sometimes it’s hard to stay inspired and motivated when you’re sitting at home looking at the Instagram accounts of people ten thousands times more successful than you, with lives ten thousand times better than yours.

When I’m feeling particularly uninspired, I have a few favourite blogs that I always check in on, to give my day some colour. I’ve been following many of them for years, and I’m constantly inspired by the quality of their images and the content on their blogs, but I’m even more inspired by the strong, smart women that run them.

These are a few of my favourite blogs and bloggers

She Said, by Anna-Belle Durrant

I’ve had the opportunity to travel and work with Anna-Belle before and she is just one of the best people out there. Not only is she a super-talented photographer, but she’s a very clever businesswoman too. Her blog, www.shesaid.co.za is a catalogue of fashion, travel and life inspiration. Her writing is conversational and real, and it’s easy to spend a couple of hours scrolling through her Instagram account.

Designlovefest, by Bri Emery

pretty beach night with these west side babes. time for tacos and margaritas ??

A photo posted by bri emery / designlovefest (@designlovefest) on

Bri’s blog, www.designlovefest.com is a visual feast, with some seriously beautiful images and content that can suck you in for a full day of scrolling. What I love most about her blog is the fact that she sprinkles branded content and decor, style and travel posts with some really personal posts, that range from weightloss to heartbreak stories. She’s my ultimate inspo, with incredible style and a wardrobe to die for. Her travel photos are next level, and I wish I could be her best friend.

Emma Jane Nation, by Emma-Jane Harbour

Long weekend feels ?

A photo posted by Emma-Jane Harbour (@emmajanenation) on

Emma-Jane and her husband are both incredibly talented photographers, and every image she posts is total goals. Her blog, www.emmajanenation.com is a beautiful place to go for style and decor inspiration, or just to scroll through gorgeous photos. I’ve also had some time to hang out with her offline, and she’s just such a lovely person. Emma-Jane has a really good eye, and her composition and editing are incredible.

The Blonde Abroad, by Kirsten Rich

Kiersten’s blog, www.theblondeabroad.com is one of the world’s biggest travel blogs and yet she is one of the most down to earth people I’ve ever met. Her photos are next level amazing, and she was the one who taught me how to take travel photos that I can actually be in. She’s won awards for her writing and for the quality of her blog, where she shares useful travel tips along with her incredible pictures.


  1. Ahh dude this made my day especially coming from you!!

  2. Nice article, thank you for the sharing

  3. Hey Natalie. I love this post & can totally relate to the uninspiring & lonely part of blogging, BUT I’m happy to say that you are one of my inspo blogs. Thanx so much for being it.

    And then, maybe you can do a post on “how to take travel photos that you can actually be in”, because that often baffles me; do you run out of the bath naked & quickly set the timer? Do you carry a massive tripod around or do you sheepishly ask someone to take a pic of you in your bed? I’d love to know.


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